Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s school-based mental health program – Takiya’s Story

Takiya’s seven.
She’s an active little girl. She loves to do cartwheels. She loves to dance. Kindergarten was so rough for her. Every
day the teacher would call me. Takiya’s doing this Takiya won’t listen. Takiya
walked out of the classroom. It got to the place where the phone calls was
getting to be like three four times a day. Days I cried wondering what is
wrong? What am I doing wrong? But her teacher was like I think putting her in
counseling will help. And I’m like, well, you know where is this at? Where is it gonna be at? She’s like right here in the school. Kids today are coming to school with a
need for support. There might be some underlying issues or problems that need to be addressed. I teach them things to manage. Putting mental health treatment
right in this school makes it so much more accessible for these kids. I look at the statistics for mental illness in Wisconsin as I look at the teen suicide rate that is one of the highest in the country . We have to do
better for our kids. That has to be the focus of this work. Find it early treat
it early and let’s get kids thriving and growing and doing all the things that
they want to do. The partnership Children’s Hospital has shed a bright
light for myself and my staff on the need. We talk about an education we do
what’s best for kids, right? This is one of those things this is this is best for
kids. The hope is that eventually every school is going to have this because
every school needs it. There isn’t any treatment that we can
give a child that doesn’t involve partnering with their caregivers. We’re
a team and we’re going to go at this together. We need to make sure that at a societal level we are going to make the commitment at every level we can to make
sure that the kids are getting the care that they need. I appreciate every
support system that’s there. I didn’t have all of that when I was younger and
if it’s gonna benefit my kids in some type of way, then I’m all for it. That
whole year of counseling my baby gave her a totally different perspective of
life. I see her future being really really bright. Then one day something finally happens. It turned into a butterfly! I’m gonna see. I am so proud of my baby. I am. She came a long way you

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