100 thoughts on “Child Circumcision: An Elephant in the Hospital

  1. I am so glad to find these groups and posts on Facebook and do my research, thank you, I will not circumsisie my baby!!!

  2. God, it kills me i did this to my oldest son, i really believed i was doing whats best, i had no idea there was so much pain involved. I thought they just snip it off like you would hair or a finger nail. I thought they give the baby pain meds. I was tought by my obgyn that the forskin causes infections and its dirty and needs to be removed so he won't get penis cancer and die. I feel like such a fool now, it just seemed like it was normal and thats what i should do, i really didn't think leaving a boy intact was really an option. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. I didn't have any choice in the matter as I had it done at a young age. Really, there should be demonstrations outside hospitals. People giving pamphlets out. You know the clinics won't properly inform the parents.

  4. THANK YOU, Ryan!! For opening their eyes and (hopefully) softening their hardened hearts. Sadly, this cycle of sexual violence and trauma is so often continued because men tend to put so much of their manliness in their penis. If their penis is mutilated, they feel a strong compulsion to mutilate their sons.

  5. How are people like me who are circumcised expected to deal with this procedure? One of the most important parts of my body will never work properly because my parents were dumb enough to decide to cut it off? …Why am I even continuing on with my life? I'll never be normal or know the best pleasure one can feel. They ruined my life.

  6. This is such an amazing lecture. I will never, unless it is literally forced upon me or my child and I am unable to stop it, circumcise him or her. Circumcision is evil and wrong. I am so glad you were brave enough to get up there and express your beliefs.

  7. I am so glad I chickened out at the last second and refused circumcision for my first child. After I did more research it only confirmed my worst fears. I have not circumcised either of my boys. I would have regretted it forever. It's a horrific thing to do to such tiny people that cannot decide for themselves yet. The way they cry makes me cry too. Makes me want to puke. It is a barbaric practice. Babies are so fragile in those first few days too when their only job is to bond with their parents and eat. When that is interrupted to perform a painful beyond all belief procedure, it is bound to have lifelong effects. Those first few days are so critical. If my boys get older and decide they want it done that is fine with me and I will help them get it done, but it is their choice and not mine. It is their body and who am I to cut it up for the sake of appearance? Btw both of my intact boys have never had a single issue with their foreskin. As they have gotten older they have discovered they can retract the foreskin on their own. It does it's job and has protected them from infection. I have never retracted it and washed it even though I was told to by nurses. They told me it would get too tight and cut off all blood supply if I didn't forcibly retract it 😒😒 nothing could be further from the truth I tell you. Leave the foreskin be. It is a healthy organ and 99 percent of the time will function as it should all on its own.

  8. Excellent presentation. Incredibly informative and accurate. Where is the immediate implementation of consensus, scientifically-backed practice?

    This video should never have to be seen more than once by a person performing these operations or overseeing them.

  9. I don't understand women who think that little boys should be mutilated because it 'looks better'. Such a vain, awful reason to slice up a child, not to mention that women who are used to intact penises tend to prefer them to cut penises. I'm so glad I live in the UK where this is a rare occurrence.

  10. Someone wrote on a one dollar bill for me to watch this video. I got the dollar in the central Illinois area. Anyone happen to write this on my dollar?

  11. I'm so thankful that my granddaughter did her homework and didn't allow the doctors to circumcise her baby boy! at the time I didn't agree but after watching this I'm sorry I had my own 2 sons citcumcised! what a tragic injustice to our children. why are they doing this? is it about money??????

  12. A video based on opinions and very little science. Only one outdated study mentioned or very outdated science which has now been debunked.

  13. That video of the procedure is the most horrifying thing I've ever seen/heard. Why anyone would allow and/or actively want this for their newborn is bewildering to me.

  14. That's an infant screaming in agony.. It's so sickening that someone can say they don't feel pain. A normal healthy infant does not scream like that during normal distress. I can't imagine how anyone can do that to a fucking infant!

  15. Watching this from another country, it's crazy. Actually, I had a bit phimosis and only learned by masturbating and early sex. But, after the shock, I only washed it regularly and the area that was attached eventually healed, I never had any other issue with my penis. More like the opposite, the idea of walking around with the head of my penis in contact with my underwear bothers me. Because the head is a very sensitive area and having it protected is very important to me. Plus, I never gave much thought to it, but my foreskin really is a sensitive area as well.

  16. Got called a bitch and a coward today for saying it's stupid to mutilate children. All that does is just prove my point.

  17. It's high time we outlawed infant genital cutting altogether. It's illegal for girls, so when will boys have equal rights? Join the fight. Let's change the world.

  18. After I gave birth to my son last year (July of 2017), I was asked over and over by every nurse/ doctor, etc if I was going to circumcise my son. I already knew I wasn't going to. I had to tell them no over and over again. It was ridiculous. I'm sure that a mom who chose to circumcise would not have to tell them 10 times.
    Luckily, his pediatrician was very supportive and informed and when I told her I'm not circumcising, she said "That's good! It's completely unnecessarily."
    The US needs to get it together and catch up with the rest of the world!

  19. I am horrified…I could feel the baby's duress in my body as it cried in extreme distress. I am shaking, merely by witnessing this video! Thank you for sharing this important information!!! I feel sickened about this socially condoned, barbaric, unnecessary and traumatic procedure that is causing harm to our culture's sweet newborn babies!!!

  20. For those who are concerned with the intact child's penis not looking the same as the surgically altered father….Wouldn't it be intelligent and ethical to inform others, and the child, that the child's penis looks differently from daddy because the parents knew better to keep the child's penis foreskin intact because it is the healthier and emotionally better choice?!

  21. I recently explained to my elderly mother how horrific this practice is (my brother is now 45). The look on her face broke my heart. Mothers have no idea. They need to know. It should be required to watch videos like this to say that a parent has "informed consent".

  22. My heart aches for that poor baby, why the hell is this child abuse allowed to happen? LEGALLY? When the hell did we stop thinking for ourselves and become so CONDITIONED that we believe this TORTURE is NORMAL?? My son will never..not by my doing nor anyone elses but his own.

  23. Omg the poor baby 😭 I cant watch it it’s horrible. I can’t believe they do this shit to them. It’s like they’re getting off on it. Idiots I’m in tears right now can you imagine the panic and fear and pain they feel. What a nice way to welcome a completely helpless soul into this world. Fucking dickheads.

  24. Very well presented. Thank you. Circumcision or any genital alterations (namely babies with genitals that do not fit clearly into only male or female options). When adults they can choose for themselves. Spend the effort and resources on education and acceptance.

  25. This video was made in 2011… At that time, the AAP's decision, since around 1996, was that there were NO MEDICAL BENEFITS to routine male infant circumcision. In 2012, the AAP changed their policy statement slightly using studies from Africa and other third world countries (which have no relevance in the U.S. or other developed countries).

    Although the American Academy of Pediatrics has stated that the health benefits of circumcision in newborn males outweigh the risks, it also states "these benefits are not great enough to recommend that all newborns be routinely circumcised.” Since 2012, the "benefits" (diaper maintenance, cleanliness, locker rooms chat, must look like daddy, it will be worse if done as an adult, UTI's, STD's, etc.) have ALL been debunked.

    The AAP does identify that there ARE differences with the infant/child penis and the adult penis and parents should take that into consideration because substantial damage can be done to the infant/child penis' anatomy when performed by OBGYN's and pediatricians (rather than by a Urologist). The AAP even reveals what happens with neonatal foreskins; it is harvested and sold for roughly $2,000.00 to be used for skin-grafts, Fibroplasties and the manufacturing of callogen.

    The full AAP report does state there is greater risk that medically unnecessary infant/child circumcisions will have long-term affects and impact upon sons (sexual dysfunction) as compared to when performed upon adult males.

    (1) Circumcised infants and children experience inflammation complications (embolisms) on the shaft beneath the glans (which would be exposed inner prepuce skin). These common inflammations, or embolisms, of the circ'd infant/child develop into Keloid Scarring and is most visible on the adult circ'd penis [ahead of the scar line and below the glans]; these exposed inner preputial tissue becoming inflamed are symptomatic of circulatory and nerve damage.

    (2) The glans of the penis eventually become keratinized and losing sensitivity (albeit, nerve damage). In this video, they simply don't discuss the soft-tissue damage: the 3 erectile columns, the 2 corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum, as well as the columns' enveloping fascial layers, nerves, lymphatics, and blood vessels, all covered by skin, AND the 2 suspensory ligaments…

    (3) All of which the above incorporate significant factors that will, more than likely, evolve into sexual dysfunction later in life as the boy/man begins sexual activity (the AAP report suggests that, “consequently the circ'd male resorts to utilizing more varied sexual practice” than the intact male to achieve orgasm). One could also reasonably argue that the plaque causing Peyronie's Disease is the result of the yanking, tugging and twisting that takes place during a lot of the various types of circumcision.

    The AAP concludes its policy statement with disclosing 2 things: (a) that less than 1-percent of intact adult males elect to have circumcision for non-medical indication and that most regret making that decision and (b) most boys/men are dissatisfied with their parents for not allowing them to make the decision about their own bodies after they turn 18. Consequently, the AAP's report DOES encourage parents to leave their sons intact and allow them to make the decision after they turn 18 (but you're not supposed to know about these respectful facts).

  26. USA has no moral justification to continue their miserable existence, it has to be circumsized from the Earths face. Ugly perverted country, which mutilates baby boys. No forgiveness! Stupid nation of idiots! Specifically termination has to be applied to those clever women who now feel they have right NOT TO MUTILATE their baby boys. I am so disgusted of this attitude, that I feel like cleaning up this part of the planet right now!

  27. Listening to this screaming, traumatized baby (which i could barely do) how can any rational human being NOT think this is painful torture? At a critical time of bonding, of learning love and trust…, torture is inflicted. My God, what does this do to an infants psyche? The developing brain is rapidly making connections and impressions- how can anyone think this is not having an effect?

    Head AND heart should tell us this is wrong.

  28. This is terrifying 😭 poor babys
    I have 2 boys and i have never even taught of circumcising them..
    this is cruel to make a baby go through that…

  29. I can't imagine not having a foreskin and I personally think it's just as bad as chopping off a baby's fingers or toes

  30. Funny how this guy misses the point of Circumcision completely. This is purely a religious practice and has nothing to do with medical issues. The Bible/God instructs his people to be Circumcised as a means of a physical identifier of who his chosen people are, and later, to also identify gentiles who are grafted into His family. So the essential question remains as it always has, are you going to obey your God or not? I choose the former.

  31. author = father etymologically
    The OWNER is the father, he is the supreme being until the age of consent (adult)
    EVERY WOMAN IN AUTHORITY IS A LITERAL AUTHORITY USURPER, sorry for YELLING but it is the absolute truth.

  32. Galatians 5:6
    For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision counts for anything, but only faith working through love.

    (For the Christians out there that seem to think following the old covenant (the old testament) is a necessity when Jesus himself says that circumcision doesn't make a difference. Which if one had read their bible accordingly will also know that the old covenant fell away when Jesus Christ gave his life for our sins

  33. My only qualm with this lecture is the statement about measles vaccines giving life-long immunity; they do not, only exposure to “wild” measles gives true immunity. Otherwise, great discussion!! Bravo! Best decision I ever made for my son was refusing circumcision!

  34. The "circumcision for hygiene" argument is like saying we should cut off our fingertips so we don't get dirty fingernails. All you have to do is practice proper hygiene. all babies are born perfect.

  35. thanks for the information!! Circumsicion on girls and boys is the same, horror and traumatic for the children!!! Doctors do this only for the money, there are no medical or religious reasons for this macaber mutilation of a healthy child body!!!

  36. Very informative video and so wright!! No doctor tells you this information!! Circumcision is barbaric en torture for girls and boys, doctors who perform this, should be in jail!!

  37. When my 19 year old son was born the nurses came to me when he was 2 days old and said they needed to take him to the nursery for his hearing test and when they brought him back he was bright red and just inconsolable. They then went on to give instructions for how to care for his newly circumcised penis as though it was no big deal. Awful. Just awful.

  38. The challenge with not circumcising is hygiene. I don’t think children should be circumcised but parents will need to teach their children to be clean. Unfortunately this has to be said.

  39. Before researching I went back and forth with circumcising, then I googled and researched and was horrified. This brought me to tears for all the babies that had to suffer. I am glad I went with my heart and left him the way God sent him to me.

  40. Watching that video was heartbreaking. People NEED to stop doing this to their baby boys. When I had my son and they asked me if I wanted the procedure done I absolutely mortified that anyone would cut my beautiful baby boy. I was 17 years old and I knew it was wrong.

  41. Young women should seriously investigate this subject before they criticize men or let a stranger cut their newborn son’s penis.

  42. No boy should be Circumcised it's there for a reason . And it's the boys choice to have it done or not. I would sue my parents if they did that to he. You shouldn't be allowed to give these talks.

  43. I am not saying it is right or wrong to circumcise, I am saying there are more facts out there, and you should look deep at them before agreeing with some random internet guy.

    So, while most of what he says is not really wrong, much of it is exaggerated. More importantly he ignores the other side. For instance circumcision reduces your risk of getting an STD, reduces the number of infections you will have, and reduces the risk of a serious infection. There are also serious issues that can take place without circumcision, that can be very dramatic and painful. Also the risks are far less than getting your ears pierced, yet many people do that to their children, or even allow them to do so before they are old enough to understand the risks. (I'm not even going to discuss the trends of tats, piercing and other things we do to ourselves.).

    The bottom line is this guy is lying by omission instead of giving you all of the facts he gives you half of them in an attempt to persuade you to his view point, instead of giving you knowledge to make an informed choice, he already made that choice for you, then blabs about taking it away from the child. Truly educated people don't need to force feed you a propaganda, they can just give you the facts.

  44. Bloodstained Men & Their Friends are fighting back in the streets with 60 protests a year coast to coast. BloodstainedMen.com

  45. There is absolutely no need for circumcision!
    Check out some of my videos on this topic:

  46. You're barking up the wrong tree. The reason that people will refuse to stop circumcision, is because those who are circumcised feel that WOMEN are grossed out by uncircumcised penises.
    If you truly want to change this social norm, the only productive plan off attack needs to be to convince the porn industry to show only uncircumcised male actors.

    I completely agree with this man's argument. However, may still have my Son circumcised due to the reason I mentioned.

  47. Im glad to see the education heading to the masses on the foolish notion that the men's penises need to be mutilated in America. They got me at birth and I am physically and emotionally damaged since 1956. I grew up in a neighborhood where intact was the norm. I have had woman lovers who prefered intact because of the heightened sexual satisfaction that came with intact men. I have always felt like a freak. I never undress in front of men. My wife only knows cut but knows she was also denied a complete sex life because I am incomplete. The AMA is responsible The American Academy Of Pediatrics etc! Am I mad? Mad as hell!
    Thank you..Ray

  48. Love everything he had to say now if only people would wake up and stop cutting off boys beautiful foreskin let the child decide. I’m intact and have never had a STD or infection or cancer!

  49. “You can have this chopped off or you can wash it.”😂 That made me laugh so hard. This has definitely changed my mind on circumcision and I’m thankful for this video!

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