Chih-Ming “Jimmy” Yu, DVM, Veterinary Laser Surgery Interview

Hi, my name is Jimmy You. I’m a veterinarian practicing in Evansville, Indiana for 15 years and I am very fortunate to use a surgical laser for the last 15 years. I’ve used laser on different procedures, spay, neuter, skin tumor removal, biopsies, anal glands removal procedure, I even used
the laser to remove a spleen. Also, some of the biopsies of the organs and I even do
laser surgery over the cruciate ligament repair, stenotic nare resection and also some skin fold surgery. Laser surgery in general decreases bleeding, pain, speeds up the recovery, decrease the
inflammatory response during the procedure and it’s quite an excellent
tool that helped me as a surgeon to have a clear picture of the surgical site and
that’s why I love laser surgery so much. I want to use it on any surgery I could
use that. I don’t use surgical blades to do surgery as much just because of that.

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