82 thoughts on “Chief Medical Officer At Upenn Hospital Describes Their Situation & Needs | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

  1. Some one should ask Trump if he is planning to hold some rally's after Easter. Seems like a good time to put the Trump supporters in a big room together.
    Stay safe people.

  2. A hospital waiting for supplies a week ago, bad, a hospital still waiting today, absolutely shameful, what are you doing Trump?!!!!

  3. 50 out of 50 Covid-19 Patients recovered by the addition of 10g to 20g Intravenous Vitamin C in Shanghai Hospital, 3 to 5 days taken off hospital stay, one extremely severe case received a bolus of 50g and his respiratory recovery/function could be seen increasing in real time.



    Shanghai Expert Consensus on Covid-19 Treatment Posted on March 21, 2020 by Dr. Cheng   

    The City of Shanghai Expert Consensus on Comprehensive Treatment

    of COVID-19

    Shanghai Expert Group on Clinical Treatment of New Coronavirus Disease.

    Chinese Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2020, 38: Pre-published online. DOI: 10.3760 / cma.j.issn.1000-6680.2020.0016

    https://youtu.be/adYqbucF8M4 ICU nurses discuss IV vitamin C therapy for sepsis.

  4. tRump doesn't care about this hospital or any hospitals dire needs and situation. All Massa MAGA Maggot tRump cares about is his precious economy & forcing his slaves back to work on his massive sized 3rd World Plantation!

  5. Andrea chainsaw Greenspan wants to perform charity concerts in the ICU's with her Death Metal Band MSNBCannibalCorpse but Andrea knows performing Brutal Death Metal songs in a plastic bubble is as awkward and cumbersome as being the ChainsawKillerINAPlasticBubble that she has been since the start of this Pandemic

  6. What a shame for the richest nation/country in the world. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  7. Cuomo is behind the 8 ball and finally starting to work for New Yorkers….. He should of heard the alarm through early detections and LOCKED DOWN the city, started contact tracing campaign and treated more patients in the early stages…. Instead, people are dying and/or leaving the city and infecting American's all over the Country.

  8. Who banned flights from China in January while preparing a defense for his Impeachment and being lambasted by the "media" constantly? Seems Cunmo can't even perform one task correctly while being praised by idiots.

  9. i dont care how you think… all of this IS TRUMPS* FAULT… he had 2 month head start… but lied to the people and said it would be over soon… that was a deleribrate lie

  10. Nobody but Trump to blame for everything happening in America!
    I’m from Italy 🇮🇹 and we warn you thousands times about coronavirus how dangerous it is !! But specially trump did not take those warnings seriously!
    Please please stay at home & stay safe
    You are at your own …
    such a shame to have a president like trump for whom economy is more important than humans !
    Our prayers are with you !
    God bless us all

  11. The richest and most advanced country in the world according to Tucker Carlson. Yet, in just 1 week or so, The United States has as many cases as China had and the situation is spinning out of control. A president who calls the virus a hoax and says that it will just disappear meant valuable time to prepare was wasted

  12. Meanwhile, fox news and the republican Lt Gov of Texas are telling old people that it's time for them to "take one for the team." 🤔

    Dollars over lives, apparently. 👎

  13. TheRump has been counseling with his 2 Corinthian friends, Paul and Timothy, a Kentucky Snake Charmer, and Mike Pence, the failed Governor of Indiana.  They have concluded that what we need to do is Fast, Pray, and Sacrifice a Goat by Ash Wednesday.

  14. December is when Trump and congress were informed by the intelligence agencies that this was worse than what China was telling them. What did the republicans do? They sold off their stocks to make money and lied about how serious this was. The inaction of Trump and the members of congress who ignored this to make money are at fault. If Trump hadn't of fired everyone that had a job to deal with a pandemic, we would not be where we are. If Trump did not have 65 empty jobs at HHS leadership, we would not be where we are.


    In the meantime people shopping at Walmart, lowes, Home depot for clothes and other non essentials just to get out and about.
    H&R block open with clients up close and personable working on top of each other. Even with tax season extended till July 15th.
    No good policies being thought of not good. Stores all busy selling non essential— clothes arts and crafts can't forget landscape supplies lol not.
    And the slanted news not showing this ? why not show the stores and people buying all the non essentials and the Governors of most states allowing it to happen not really inforcing anything, and the news underreporting this.

  16. If you are STILL a Trump supporter, YOU go to work. YOU go to church. YOU put yourself at risk to save the economy. The rest of us will stay home. Thank you for your sacrifice.

  17. I/we hope this can be of help with your efforts:
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  18. Terrible. Today the USA is going to become the country with the most infected. You close it all fast or it will be a massacre. In Italy the infected have rebounded and Spain is not improving. You are 15 days late, the wave has not reached you still.

  19. The Magi art school fool black eye, yes put a nice slab of "Meat is murder" steak on that you greeny envy gremlin. MSNBC and the gnashing of nasty little gremlin teeth, the celebrity bratty "Feed me feed me" of the art less rancid fart school wheezing feeble bleeders right right whatever you say "I did it guy way". Just some guy actually, same as any other schmuck no luck.

  20. Now explained to what a hoax is…🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔵2020🔵🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. Do you hear any other world lead blamin* their governors or smaller leaders… no they don’t have time for that. They acted and protected their public. Not wasted time protecting an image

  22. 5 years all that money and effort trying to impeach Trump ?? Instead of focusing in our health care situation? It won’t be forgotten 🤯🤯😤🤯🤯😤🤯😤🤯🤯🤯

  23. trump has the ability to not fire the pandemic team. I knew a researcher from the UC system that had their funding delayed for 18 months. Her latest research tested bat guano and discovered 1,600 new viruses. When you discover something in a vector you can immediately prepare for the worst ahead of time… but what was trumps motto… “ I don’t like spending money on waste” so he fired the pandemic team. So instead of blaming a governor that had limited power, blame a president that dumped 1 trillion dollars into the stocks and 3 trillion into the top 1% and left nothing for the hospitals to use as an emergency fund. Instead of blaming a governor that had limited power, blame trump for refusing the FREE WHO test twice. Every nation used those free tests and South Korea did not have to halt their economy

  24. Spooken by a non American! True that. Hospital profits over keeping surplus supplies on hand but now we Americans have to give them more money….

  25. Bill Gates: “We’re not ready for the next epidemic!”
    Dr. Brennan: “We don’t have enough supplies”
    Trump wants the country to be opened up by Easter

  26. Trump says we should be out of the woods OK by Easter, which is April 12. So I guess it's back to the office Monday morning the 13th. 18 days isn't too bad.

  27. Trump threatened to withhold aid to NY because he wanted a felty salute. Question: did he [Trump] withhold or delay aid, any body know?

  28. For trump it’s all about the numbers..he sees the death of thousands of pensioners being a financial gain, not a tragedy! 🤑🤑🤑

    The Irony…so many of them voted for him! 🤷‍♂️

  29. 18 docters died in italy..lombardi..just saw a interview with a nurse.. its a horrific death.. contious to the end ..drowning…. god help us all..be safe

  30. Curious if anyone is doing modeling re: preventative and elective procedures being postponed and what that means to the healthcare system (and the health of individuals) long-term.

  31. Breaking news! President Trump has decided to take drastic action to save the country. Starting as soon as 10 A.M. tomorrow morning, in Central Park, he will stand on a special podium, being built as I write this, and flick thousands of toilet paper rolls into open car windows as cars slowly drive by. This is being organised and directed by the military and will be repeated in every U.S. city till Easter. Afterwards President Trump will slowly rise up to heaven.

  32. This is only the first wave of infections all the scientists are saying there can be another , Staying inside and away from others and stop all air travel needs to be mandatory.

  33. China provided Covid genetic sequence to the WHO on Jan 3. In April, our hospitals have no face masks, gowns, ventilators and PPE and testing only just starting.

  34. These numbers of cases and deaths are false. These are testing results only. My doctor says I have Covid-19 but I'm in the USA so I can't get tested. I don't know how anyone gets tested. I know a lot of people who clearly had Covid-19 but couldn't get tested. I know a guy who was in the hospital, got a test done but was then told they didn't have chemicals to do the testing. Something wrong in USA. King trumpy. " I'm not responsible for anything".

  35. People like these doctors and nurses are the ones running the country right now not the president. Can't all states go to the courts to get the president to act in the interest of the people's endangered lives ?

  36. People in this country can blame themselves for putting an ignorant,bias,self centered person in the whitehouse and the GOP for endorsing this moron………

  37. For people who dismiss Covid-19 as nothing worse than the flu with stats from today, we are not done with this by a long shot. This is a very tricky virus, 10 times more lethal than the flu, and it is happening all at once in some places. It will keep rolling through blue states, red states, swing states and nation states. Heed the advice and stay home whenever possible. Spreading it will just prolong this nightmare, and there will plenty of blame to go around later. Please stay safe.


  39. I used to do research for UPenn and Wharton. They do everything they can to stiff their contract/gig working researchers out of their payment.

  40. They saved the Banks and after that they cut a lot of Money for the Hospitals .In Spain ,in Italy and for the U S A , ask Cuomo how much he did this in New York. And now he is talking…. Thats one of the Reasons for this Disaster.

  41. Excellent! Instead of complaining, they have assessed the situation and re-grouped. Conserve your assets and extend their life. A simple solution instead of crying.

  42. Here in the UK we have 5,500 final year medical students and 18,000 nursing students who will be moving on to NHS front line services. I imagine other countries with National Health services will have done the same by now.

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