CHI Hospital Medicine Team

– [Voiceover] From the time
you enter the hospital, the hospital medicine team
is in charge of your care around the clock during your stay. Team members are medical providers specially trained to care
for patients in the hospital. Your hospital medicine
team does not replace your primary care provider. Rather, the hospital medicine
team oversees your care, working only in the
hospital, caring for you, throughout your stay. The team stays in touch with
your primary care provider during your stay and coordinates with your primary care provider to assure you have the care you need without interruption when
you leave the hospital. – Communication is one of the most fundamental things we do for you. We will be able to answer your questions. – We communicate with your
primary care provider. Examine you every day and talk with you and coordinate your care. – [Voiceover] As a team
we’re collaborative. There’s several members of the team. There’s physicians, there’s
a nurse practitioner, like myself, there’s physician assistants. You’re gonna see several members greater than just the hospitalist team because we all work together. – And the hospital medicine team will work together to make sure that you are getting all the things that you need while
you’re in the hospital, making sure that we are getting the right specialist on board, and other team members
are involved in your care. You’re getting timely, efficient, safe, and good quality care. Making sure that your
primary care provider is aware of your hospital stay and making sure the transition of care from the hospital back into the community is one that is smooth and we provide you high quality and safe medical care every single time, every single day. That is one of the core values of a hospitalist and a
hospital medicine team. – [Voiceover] That’s your
hospital medicine team on the job. Caring for you around the clock. Communicating with you and your family. Collaborating with other specialists. Coordinating your safe
discharge and transfer. – [Voiceover] Comprehensive,
well-coordinated care, centered on you.

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