CHF Clinic – Austin Heart – Dr. Jerome Thomas

(upbeat music) – So the goals of the Heart
Day program at Austin Heart is to make sure that patients get a comprehensive
approach to their treatment. The goals of the program
are to make sure that patients are able to stay at
home and out of the hospital. So there’s a variety of
therapies we can offer to help achieve that, whether
that’s through medications, or the requirement of advanced therapies. Advanced therapies
includes evaluations for treatments such as a Left
Ventricular Assist Device, or an LVAD, or treatments
such as heart transplant. And we’re able to achieve
a lot of the goals by working closely with the patients. We have a team of specialists here to help us achieve those goals. From our medical assistants
to our nurses to our extenders to other providers like myself, our goal is to make sure that
the patient’s care is seamless from the outpatient experience
to the inpatient experience. (upbeat music) – (512) 206-3600

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