Cheltenham Dental Spa & Implant Clinic – Private Dentist in Cheltenham

(upbeat music) – Cheltenham Dental Spa and Implant Clinic is located in Royal
Crescent in Cheltenham. We offer a range of cosmetic
and general dentist solutions. We offer dental implants,
denture stabilisation, Invisalign, braces, gum treatment. The idea behind the clinic was to always deliver these
services under one roof so patient’s do not have to be
referred to any other clinics or any other centres for
any additional procedures. The treatment are carried
out by specialists and general dentists who
are carefully selected to join our clinic, or to work with us. We emphasise on high levels of training, high levels of skill, and most importantly high
levels of patient empathy. So for nervous patients, we
offer treatment under sedation, as well as very sympathetic
and very reassuring team. And these nervous patients
are very well taken care of. We also sort of have a lovely
atmosphere, a nice vibe, a nice layout of the practise
where patients come in and feel they’ve come
to their living room, rather than feeling that they’re
coming to a clinical setup. We have cutting edge
equipment and techniques that enables us to place
implants, for example, using digital protocols that ensures the treatment
is painless, is fast, is very, very accurate. So there are several things that are available under one roof and enables us to deliver
first class patient service, patient treatment, and
patient journey as well. We’ve decided from the setup of the clinic that we’re going to avoid hidden charges, for patients, and costs. So when our patients come in
and they request a quotation or an estimate of treatment plan, we do not charge per item of treatment. That means we take responsibility
and care of the patient to get them from the point
where we’re starting today, to the point where they
want to achieve their smile, regardless of what happens
during that journey. So the price is not going to
change throughout that journey, and that’s very important concept of what we deliver in the practise. Our patients keep coming back whether it’s for routine checkups, or whether for more
treatments when they need it because they’re loyal to us
and because we are experienced. We are able to deliver the
treatment at a very high standard that meets high expectations
that they have as well. (upbeat music)

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