Check-Up: Helpful Medication Tips (Joshua Ford, PharmD, Ambulatory Clinical Pharmacist)

One – I would say watch the medications
that you don’t use very frequently those you know the albuterol inhalers, the
nitroglycerin tablets, and all those little things that are for emergencies,
but don’t get used for a couple years and then when you need them they’re
expired and they don’t work. Two – I would always always ask people to try and use a
pill box. I know it sounds cliche and I know it sounds silly, but you could have
the best system in the world. Every morning I get up and I drink my coffee
and all of my meds are right next to it and that’s fantastic and it’s a great
system, but you don’t know that it’s a great system unless you have some way of
checking so that’s kind of where the pillbox comes in. The third tip I would
say is try and be aware of your medications – try and learn about them
because the more aware you are of what’s going on, the better you can help your
provider provide for you. Keep an open dialogue – if there’s something going on
with your body that you think might be due to one of your medications talk to
your provider. They want to know and that’s probably the biggest thing.

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