Check out progress in The Grange University Hospital being built in Cwmbran.

and 350 million pounds worth of public
money going into the hospital I think the public is used to seeing big
projects not run to time and not run to budget you know here we are looking at
we’re on time and on budget and a health care facility that everybody can be
really proud of so at 3 and 4 workers from this project but she come from
Wales as well so we’re trying to drive real local value from the significant
money we’re spending as well not as the money we’ll see in having the new
facility and a new place to deliver high quality health and care but to make sure
we get good wealth jobs from it and that’s why the apprenticeships that have
been created really matter it’s why the local label that have come in the local
contractors really matter – because construction itself has a really big
impact on the local economy – so healthcare never sits on its own and
this is part of that picture changing the way health care is delivered but
crucially improving it and seeing the economic economic return in doing so
well it’s fantastic really exciting and I actually feel quite emotional really
cuz I’ve fought for it so hard for many years and I think a lot of people
thought it wouldn’t actually happen because there’s such a massive 350
million expenditure so it’s just wonderful really to be here today to see
the progress to see how great it looks inside to know that all the staff are
really enthusiastic about it is a really red letter day for Gwen truly as a
council we’ve really tried to work positively with the Health Board and
with everyone else and to bring these facilities to ‘vine and to make the most
of it and to make sure that the construction phase is something that
that goes as positively as possible yeah 2020 one is due to open and I very much
look forward to that date where we can actually see patients coming in and out
and at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about it’s a fantastic new
facility and but for me as the son of someone who worked in the health service
of 30 years it’s about giving that facility to the people who work in the
health service in quent so they can provide the best possible care for
patients clearly we have been trying to get staff up to the hospital to have a
look at it every now and again and to walk around the areas that are going to
be the areas that they’re going to work in and every single person comes
really excited about what’s happening the opportunity this hospital brings us
for them to develop and move on to the on their services in a way that they
can’t do in the existing environments that they’ve got now so yeah very
exciting the staff are gonna love it yes so we’ve got maximum number of single
bedrooms in the hospital we have got some four bedded bays but it’s a
significant number of single rooms which means that patients have got their own
space they’ve got their own ensuite and they can manage the environment as they
want so – in the heat Annette – in the heating down and pull the curtains if we
want some quiet time so yes a lovely facilities really modern high
specification and yes generally patients are going to love being capable there I
know a couple years time and I’ll be the clinical director here at the Grange and
I’ll be working shopfloor shifts in the emergency department which and it’s just
going to be an amazing place to work it is going to be a really different way of
working and because it’s designed just to be that acute focus and so when
people are poorly or severely injured they’ll come to this hospital they’ll be
treated we’ve got all the right theatres and critical care spaces and then when
they need to be have when they need to go to rehabilitation beds then they can
move to the hospitals that are closer to home and the important thing is is that
if people have got minor injuries they’ll still be able to go to their
local minor injuries units and the granite turn wore away at Neville Hall
and but when as I say when people are really sick or injured then they’ll come
to this in your Hospital at the Grange and it’s been a huge boost for our
equipment as well we’re doing really well we do recruitment of emergency
doctors females gonna continue as people start
to see the hospital so growing on the hills overcome run

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