Chastity Quinn, NP – Rush University Medical Center

I basically take care of low-risk pregnancies,
preventative care for annuals, birth control, STDs [sexually transmitted diseases], gynecological
problems up to a certain level with bleeding or with menstrual problems. The majority of my patients, especially gynecological
patients, will see me exclusively. There’s a lot of misconceptions about a
lot of different things that a woman goes through from the time she starts her period,
through pregnancy, perimenopause and menopause, and I want to make sure women know what’s
normal, abnormal, and that they have all of the education that they need to make sure
that they don’t feel anxious or feel misguided about what’s going on with them, if they
do have an issue. My number one goal is to make sure that my
patients are well-educated and that they understand everything that’s going on — that they
just aren’t saying okay, because I’m saying that this is the next step, that they truly
understand why we’re doing something or actually what the procedure, is if they need
a procedure, or whatever I’m talking to them or doing with them that they fully understand
why. And then they can make the decision, if that
is the way that they want to go for their plan of care.

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