ChartSpan at Graves Gilbert Clinic

My name is John-Michial Carter and
I’m the CEO of ChatSpan. The company’s origins were really from my brother who
was an 18-year practicing clinician who just thought that patient engagement
should really be the focus of what health care is about and so he and I
built the company together. We’re very much a family-run company. Two brothers who
had an idea who built the company out of our garage and today we’ve become the
largest chronic care management vendor in the u.s. So ChartSpan is known as a
care coordination service. A lot of people don’t know what care coordination
is. Simply said, it’s helping patients between office visits and that’s
important because doctors see you at the moment that there’s an inflection in
your health care, when there’s a problem they don’t see you at 2:30 in the
morning. There are times that you need to help
and bridge that care gap between office visits and that’s exactly what we do.
We act as an extension of your doctor and supports you every month. ChartSpan is a service which does chronic care management for us. Biggest issue we have with patients is that most of our patients are, when they visit us, it’s an
episodic care. They come and see us and then they go out and then until they
come next time there is no continuity of care in between and quite a few times
these patients are using emergency rooms as their way of getting care and the
biggest issue with that is that that could be prevented, it increases the
mobility for the patients, and it also increases the cost of care. So ChartSpan basically provides the patients and us a service which is unique it’s a it’s
a chronic care management and patients are being contacted by a nurse from
charge span on a regular basis they also do a lot of med management for them
because biggest issue we are having is a lot of patients have a lot of medicines
at home and some of those medicines are expired some of them those medicines were changed and they never disposed of those medicines so it helps helps prevent these
medication errors helps us physicians look at something from patients
perspective that what are their needs which we may not discuss in an office
setting with the patient There’s a lot of features you get when you sign up
for a care coordination program. Probably the most important is the availability
of a nurse 24/7, so in the middle of the night if you have an emerging emergent
question or an urgent situation you can call us and we’re there to support you.
You might be on vacation and run out of your prescriptions and you need an
emergency refill we’re there to help you 24/7 access to a care coordinator who
can help support you no matter how big or how small the problem is. Another
important function of the program is to really make sure that you’re adhering to
the care goals, so often we have a condition we might have diabetes high
blood pressure high cholesterol our job is to make sure we’re supporting the
care plan that you and your doctor have developed together and making sure if
there’s an obstacle we help you get over it it may be something as simple as
needing a prescription refill or something like needing help with
transportation to get to an appointment or just a question that you have about a
symptom or condition that you have that we can help answer or direct you to the
right person who can answer it One the best parts of this program is that
it happens at your convenience. It’s not always convenient to make an appointment,
find transportation, find time in your day to go to an appointment with the
care coordination program it happens when you’re at home at your convenience
you take the call when it works for you or call back your care coordinator when
it’s convenient. If someone calls you from Graves Gilbert and they’re a care coordinator, that is your care coordination team reaching out to you to
see if you want to enroll in the program once you do enroll what you should
expect is a monthly call from your care coordination team checking in with you
and if it’s not convenient to talk at any specific time you can always call
back at your convenience and talk to your care coordinator. If you
have consistent constant care and not just reactionary not just going to your
doctor when you have a problem, but in a preventative way making sure that you’re
talking about the smallest things with your care coordination team so we can
get out ahead of it, that’s the primary benefit of the program and that’s how
patients benefit from the program. This is the next paradigm shift where we are
going to be more proactive taking care of the patients and more proactive in
taking care of them at home rather than coming to her office
or to the hospitals medicine is becoming more patient centric and this is one of
the ways how we can keep patient the center of the care. We know for a fact
that patient outcomes have a dramatic impact if a patient is enrolled in a
care coordination program. We know for a fact that we’ve seen mortality rates
reduced we’re saving lives every day with this program. We’re keeping patients
out of the hospital we know that we’re improving outcomes for patients with
diabetes and high blood pressure, high cholesterol and most of all were
preventing bad outcomes by making sure patients stay healthy

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