Charlotte – Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Emma: Hi Charlotte, how are you? Charlotte: Good thank you, how are you? Emma: Good thanks! Can you please tell me what qualification
you are doing? Charlotte: I am doing a Cert 4 in veterinary
nursing. Emma: Great, as a traineeship? Charlotte: yes. Emma: Fantastic and how did you get this job? Charlotte: Uhmm My dog actually got bit by a another
dog Emma: Oh
Charlotte: and uhmmm my dogs goes to the Vetwest so my mom spoke to the vet saying that I want
to get into something to do with Veterinary services and then he told my mom that they
literally just that day put up like a thing on the website saying they are looking for
trainees to do apprenticeships and stuff so I went on and applied. Emma: wow
Charlotte: So it was pretty good Emma: Yeap, that was lucky isn’t it? And uhmm what do you do on the job? Charlotte: Uhmm I take care of the strays,
this is more than a stray. Uhmm like everyday I go and clean up their
cages and feed them every morning and afternoon and then I help then I’m kinda like as I am
learning to be a nurse, I’m like the nurse’s shadow so I follow around and do what they
do but just not as much. Like I don’t do any surgery but I watch surgeries
and stuff. Emma: Yup
Charlotte: Like other stuff and I do other cleaning but that’s part of the job. Emma: Yup Emma: And uhh once you complete your Certificate
4, where do you hope it will take you? Charlotte: Uhmm I wouldn’t mind staying here,
I do enjoy being here but I am really passionate about tigers and I would like to help with
volunteering with tiger breeding programs in like India and stuff. Emma: Wow, yeap. Charlotte: That would be really great. Emma: Would be yeah. Excellent, alright that was it for the interview. Thank you very much and a yeah have a great
time completing the rest of your certificate. Charlotte: Thank you.

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