100 thoughts on “Charlie Kirk’s Hospital Visit Goes WRONG

  1. I'm not a fan of Charlie Kirk, but I wouldn't be surprised if the hospital told him about bed availability, but to go wait on a bench?! I don't think so. Emergency rooms prioritize which cases are the most pressing. I've been lucky on my ER visits and was seen almost immediately ( CHF, stroke, failing kidneys, etc.), but I that's not the case for everyone.

  2. He probably thought the hospital wasn't being capitalist enough because they wouldn't let him pay to take over some other person's room. Why do you hate freedom, Cedar Sinai?

  3. Oh wait… I thought it was only Canada that you often had to wait at all because American health care is some how better? I thought american hospitals have zero wait times lol

  4. I have thrown out my back a few times, having to sit upright in those uncomfortable hospital chairs for hours while waiting for a Dr. can be torture.

  5. TYT, have you learned nothing?!
    Personal responibility, free market, a merciless justice system, survival of the fittest… those are things libertarians and republicans believe in as long as they profit, and others suffer.

    Obviously, welfare suddenly becomes a matter of course when they need it. Did Ayn Rand live off of welfare? Yes, she did.
    Did the banks accept a welfare bailout after they gambled their money away… and ours? Yes, they did.

    So why are you acting all surprised that someone saying "healthcare is not a right" demands his right to healthcare? He always meant ".. is not a right for those other people."

    Remember the Trumpists that were shocked Trump threw their mexican husbands or wifes out? Same ting…: "What?! Us?!! I thought he meant the other mexicans. The "bad" ones…"

  6. What kind of moron goes to the hospital for a minor back problem? You either go straight to a chiropractor if you are paying cash or you get a referral from a clinic if insurance requires. If he could walk into the hospital he went to the wrong place. What a tool.

  7. I dont know who this Charlie guy is, but I do want to say that its easy to spout a bunch of bullshit when its not you being affected. But oh!, how the tables quickly turn when its your number thats up. I hope Charlie learns a valuable lesson from all of this.

  8. Wait they think that this scenario would be better with socialized medicine? The waits only get worse… getting the diagnostics to check nonlife threatening issues? Months. For instance I have a chronic heart valve issue. It is stable right now. They wanted me to get an Echo done. Know how long I waited here? 2 days. In our neighbor Canada? Definitely not 2 days and probably months… yes I am paying for it, but I do see the results here.

  9. this is just sick. kicking someone when they are down.
    Cenk's health care would not make the number of people at the hospital any less. the line would not be shorter. it would be longer.

  10. I love how people who flash insurance cards as if they pay for their own healthcare smugly denounce socialism. Hello, morons! Insurance is socialism! You dont receive bills for the ACTUAL costs of care. You pay only a percentage because what everyone else pays subsidizes your care. You dont throw down a credit card after surgery for $25,000 (or more) to pay your own way. You meet your deductible and maybe pay a co-pay of like $500 and walk away. You really think your procedure was only $500? Who do you think picked up the cost? EVERYONE else who pays into the system. It boggles my mind that this is even still a debate. People love to say its not my problem. Okay. Your prostate cancer isnt my problem either. So, just go die and dont waste my money going to an oncologist. Fair?

  11. Ok, a lot of people in the comments are saying that socialized medicine is worse. I live in a third world country (the Dominican Republic) and I can tell you that it is way better than what you have there in coverage. We have a lack of resources because it is a poor country (basic salary is 5 dollars per day) but you don織t have to wait outside, and treatment is free if you can織t afford to pay it.

    The second thing that you have to consider is that the USA actually spend more federal money on healthcare per citizen than any other country, and the quality is measurably worse than any other big economy in the world. The current model is not working. In the end, if you want to keep the current trend you will have to implement a system like the one in Japan, which regulates the prices, and your free market will cease to exist (but services will be cheaper since a huge portion of your current billing system will disappear).

  12. As a Canadian, I never had to sleep on a bench outside because they didn't had any beds or rooms in the hospital. Just sayin'.

  13. As a Canadian, I never had to sleep on a bench outside because they didn't had any beds or rooms in the hospital. Just sayin'.

  14. To Ana's first statement though: The idea that a hospital would tell you to lie down outside does NOT sound questionable when you think about the story they did just a few days ago, where a woman suffered a steoke and was rushed from one hospital to another until she died because no place would take her. This sounds quite legit for the US… And I honestly think Ana's first statement here was colored by her not liking (and understandably) not trusting Charly Kirk at all.

  15. Hospitals typically see a person when they first come in and do basic triage. People with more serious and life threatening issues like obstructed airways and serious, such as arterial, bleeding get through first. Back pain is low on the list. I did clinical work in a hospital with my RN training and this was a basic policy. Hell, even the average patient who has been to a hospital more than once gets it.

  16. Scummy move you both deserve worse than hurt backs for mocking someone else's pain and suffering to bring your politics into it. Btw that is the reality if you have public healthcare long wait times and no beds.

  17. Oh no, "Turning Stomach U.S.A." had a hospital visit that went wrong? Charlie Kirk should just walk it off, Charlie Kirk wants this type of Present Day Health Care, yet he complains about being in a line at the Emergency Room? What a "Wimp"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suck it up "Buttercup".

  18. Since when does the USA have private healthcare? Is that why everything is locked behind state lines? Why you have to pay higher fees for medicine?

    You do NOT have private healthcare down there, you have corrupt healthcare, which, funny enough is STILL funded partially through taxpayer money anyways. Your healthcare system is shit, not becasue it's a private system, its cause it's a corrupt system that allows private companies to write legislation that keeps prices fixed and HIGH.

  19. you guys are being so condescending lol the guy doesn't deserve to be hurt . he actually is not against you. I'm sure he is for us all

  20. I went septic in the er and ended up in icu. He is the reason people with chronic illnesses like I do are dying from lack of health care… I dont have much mercy for anyone that doesnt think access to healthcare is a human right.

  21. Right wing hypocrisy is astounding and knows no limit. Cenk said it best. The right wing truly only cares when things affect them. And not only that, he outed himself in social media and essentially displays his inability to realize that what he's doing not only makes his ass seem stupid as hell, but also gives ammunition to the public that will use it to highlight that obvious hypocrisy he is unable to see in himself. The worst part is that after all that, he goes right back to his silly taking points without missing a beat. Amazing.

  22. Where are those blood-clots when you need them???
    Sorry Cenk, if he was dead I would laugh harder like rib-splitting laying in the floor gasping for air laughter.

  23. During the healthcare reform attempt, we saw all kinds of old Republicans crying and scared because they knew they wont be able to get healthcare under Trumpcare. And some people feel bad for them, but THEY are the ones that prevented universal healthcare in the US for the last 30 years. But i was too young then to pay attention to that debate because I live in another country and so its not really a debate here.

    And in 30 years from now, ill see people that support Charlie Kirk today and are preventing universal healthcare in the US right now, and they'll be crying too when they are told that they cant afford healthcare for them-self or their spouse, and they'll find it unfair.

  24. What's that quote? When it happens to me it's a tragedy, when it happens to you it's comedy.
    That's Republican doctrine.

  25. Its almost like if you have medicare for all, people wouldn't need to rely on emergency rooms and Charlie would have had a spot in a room.

  26. You guys killed this segment haha so funny, especially Cenk (Senk)! I am seriously laughing my ass off, I wonder if this will be a slap in the face to Kirk; anyone think his policy on healthcare will get more progressive now?

  27. Charlie definitely had to wait for too long to get treatment, but Cenk and Ana seem to be pretending that long wait times are a consequence of for – profit healthcare, and therefore we should adopt universal health care to solve the problem. However, Medicare for All will only make it worse. Wait times are statistically proven to be longer in countries with single payer systems, and this is no coincidence. When people are driven to overuse the healthcare system, the waiting lists can get filled very quickly.

  28. Dumbest Rush Limbaugh wannabe out there. The Capitalist genius and all knowing why big government is bad laying on a hospital public outdoor bench. Money drowns any ounce of intelligence when all you gotta do is lie and twist facts that your investors want you to say. Go get a real mans job kid. Or better yet go to university to get a real career. Fake news drone 101.

  29. BTW Captain Kirk, our Canadian Universal Healthcare system blows the doors off anything you can remotely call Healthcare in America. Come to Canada and interview a bunch of us hard stricken Canadians who are awaiting a kidney transplant and get to leave after without taking our wallet and check books out to pay the hundreds of thousands for the bill. You stupid ignorant spoiled money given brat of a child.

  30. This is the dumbest segment I have ever seen. Charlie Kirk aside, pretending healthcare in your social/commie world would be better is ludicrous. Saying "in a capitalist society doctor's don't care about patient" is INSANE. Then telling him he should've just "prayed on it" is ironic, stick up for oppressive Islam while bashing him for his own idiotic beliefs. You can always find a disingenuous liberal when they bash Christianity and defend Islam. Get a grip. Used to like you guys.

  31. these are crowd pleaser…they dont provide truth to publim.(and cenk uygur is a dumb).Please someone deport these reporters to cuba….please

  32. Don't like TYT, but Kirk really is a PRICK. Socialist societies like Denmark, Norway, Finland et al (excluding Sweden) are far healthier, happier and fairer than the USA.

  33. you dumbass, that was Kyle who tweeted that…talk to Kyle not Charlie. Charlie said nothing!
    and Charlie got his back fixed by a specialist…go capitalism&private sector. we all know ER wait times are a joke at major hospitals.

  34. It seems you wish your assumption would fit your perspective of him. We do not know the truth necessarily from the tweet. Leave it as that.

  35. Also the hospitals are still bankrupt at this point and as far as I know so why wouldnt they let him die if he cant pay in cash right there and then

  36. TYT is like the TMZ of politics – pure trash, gossip "news". These two clowns don't even come across as decent human beings.

  37. The dude has no education no life experiences with other people and believes that he is smart with his garage non profit organization for Trump's money.

  38. I love this comment section half against TYT and half against Charlie. Seriously TYT is disgusting for this period, to mock someone who is sick or however he feels.

  39. These people dont even know what socialized healthcare would really be like. All of these progressives are all about the theory of things. These people cant be serious.

  40. How would sociolized care help this situation?
    It wouldn't change the simple numbers game…
    It would still have the same number of beds, providers, nurses,.etc…

  41. Are you kidding me, you are idiots! this man was in the hospital and youre going to be jerks about it. how dare you bring up God. Its not funny, your not funny you are morons! you make me sick Young Turks.

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