Charles Kinsey, MD, Interventional Pulmonologist – Burlington, VT, The UVM Medical Center

I’m Matt Kinsey, I’m an interventional
pulmonologist and critical care doctor. A lot of times we see people at the one of
the lowest points in their life, quite frankly, one of the most difficult points
in their life and so if we can, you know, get them the care that they need that’s
going to help them feel better going to help them live longer and we can do that
in a way that it creates the least amount of distress for them that’s a
valuable thing. I think research is important in
addition to the clinical care that we practice. Personally for me that means
that I do lung cancer research into the causes and prevention of lung cancer and
treatment from in the airways in addition to trying to diagnose and treat
problems in the lungs and lung cancer unfortunately as a common one and I
think that those are important intertwined practices because that’s how we move medical care forward that’s how we move health care forward
that’s how we develop new treatment strategies for patients. you

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