7 thoughts on “Changing Your Junk Food Behaviors

  1. People who don’t take care of their high blood pressure really aggregates me! It’s a silent killer. You don’t “feel it” so you think it’s ok and next thing you know you have a stroke and if you’re lucky enough to not have that happen then in 5-10 years your kidneys don’t work.
    It’s a very serious thing people just don’t take seriously!

  2. In the coffee shop daily at 6:00 AM:
    Me: "I'll have 1, 12 oz. green emperor's tea-Hot-plain."
    Barista: "No honey, sugar or milk…Want a donut or bagel with that?
    Me: "No thanks, (I chuckled) I just ate dinner 12 hours ago (smiled)! (I eat supper (5 PM) not dinner.)
    Conclusion: Most Females load up on HFC, sugars, carbs & etc…& wonder when the girdle & make-up is remove she's conveniently disregards her BMI & replies, "I'm still thick & pretty!" "Self sabotage…dump her Bro'!"

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