Changing lives: Sean helps others follow in his footsteps on path to recovery from addiction

I was a broken man like a Mia but they
want people just to see that weakness aside me I had 20 years of drinking and
drug taking and it got to the point where my life
had spiraled out of control so much that I needed help I just didn’t want to live
anymore there’s no purpose in my life until I came up to syndromes Priory and
waltzing Emmaus I can remember the first day I came it
was like a sense of being home safe these people really cared and loved me
and there was nothing in there for them you know they didn’t want to get a
return the church was built in 1129 it spun in the middle of the city center
but once you come here it’s like being elsewhere if you like it is a little
oasis of peace and calm if this place didn’t have a National Lottery grant it
would have been closed the church was dumped there was water running down the
walls sinful other money you know this is brought everything back
to life I bought a still a complete circle a
vacancy came up supporting for her blood outs and then I came back I don’t want
to one counseling with them it’s just a pleasure I really know you can see them
going through that process they will get into the end where there are a lot more
sort of completes if you like without this organization I believe that I think
I would definitely be dead so you are so really thankful to the National Lottery
players you

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