Certified Laser Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore

I am Dr. Sylvia Ramirez a
Harvard-trained and US board-certified physician and I’m the medical and
scientific director of Cutis Medical Laser Clinic. I’ve been practicing
medicine for over 20 years in the United States and internationally given my
strong history focusing on evidence-based care and having published numerous papers on improving patient outcomes we wanted to be a medical
clinic that focuses on safety and effectiveness patient education and U.S
FDA-cleared products and treatments that it’s very important to me that patients
understand their choices and that we can together develop a treatment plan that
makes the most sense to them given their stage in life, their personal preferences
and the physical findings. Our focus is about making our patients love
themselves helping them to regain their confidence and self-esteem and also to
rediscover the things they love about themselves all over again and each
member of our team strives to do this. We feel very privileged to serve our
patients and we hope our patients feel our commitment to giving them the best
that we can do. I would love to hear from you to allow us to help you address your concerns. Please see our website for
contact information as well as with a list of treatments that we can offer

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