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Hey Macy. How are you? Good. So, I was just coming in
to see how you’re feeling. How’d you do today? Good. Yeah? You were a superstar. You have the smartest-looking
brain we’ve seen all week. One of the great
things about having a Center for
Cerebrovascular Disease here at Children’s
is the ability to provide a sort of
one-stop-shopping entity. Many times, the delivery of care
for kids with these somewhat rare conditions is
very fragmented. We’re really able
to offer patients the entire array of
options for treatment, and we’re not stuck on any
one particular approach because that’s the
expertise that we have. As an interventional
neuroradiologist, Darren can tackle
problems from the inside. As a surgeon, I can tackle
problems from the outside. And, hopefully together,
we can tackle problems that either one of us
couldn’t tackle alone. We consider every single
case together, as a team, and choose the
approach that’s best for that particular patient. For the family, it’s
always a scary time, but we see all of these
problems frequently. So we have a really
top-notch team, and we’re very
experienced in treating all of these
conditions regularly. As a dad myself, it
is really rewarding to be able to work
with kids and hopefully relate with the
parents in a way that I hope is very meaningful
to them in helping get their kids on
the road to recovery. There’s tremendous gratification
in taking a patient through from a
life-threatening condition to really overcome it in,
sometimes, a heroic way. It’s absolutely amazing to see.

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