CEO Spotlight | Capital Regional Medical Center

(uplifting music) – Welcome back to our CEO spotlight. My name’s Alan Keesee,
I’m the President and CEO of Capital Regional Medical Center. I’m here with Derek Rose
and we’re gonna learn about imaging today, so Derek
thank you for doing this. – You’re very welcome. – How long you been working here? – Just shy of 12 years. – 12 years? – Yes sir. What do you like about working
here at Capital Regional? – The best thing about
working in imaging is the people I work with. I like the work I do, but,
I think with any job you do people are one of the
main things that decide whether you stay, whether
you go, or whether you happy, whether you fight to come in, you know. So I love the people I work with. The patients seems to be very appreciative of me helping them. – We help them understand
what’s wrong with them and diagnose them. So anything you want to
say to Capital Regional to the people watching our Facebook page? – Keep your eye on Capital Regional. We doing big things going big places. – Well Derek, appreciate your time and thank you so much for doing this. – You’re welcome sir. – Once again we’ll do
some more CEO spotlights but thank you for tuning in.

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