Centre Block rehabilitation – Archeology digs

My name is Stephen Jarrett and I’m the Archeological Project Manager
for Centrus working on the Centre Block
rehabilitation project. Today were here excavating the barracks structure
on Parliament Hill, associated with the military occupation here
before Parliament. This work is standard practice in advance of any kind of
excavation work up on the Hill, to ensure that archeological resources
aren’t damaged or destroyed through that work. We found many interesting things
in our work here, we’ve uncovered the walls for the barracks
and guard house. These structures were used for 30 years
at that time from the 1820s to the 1850s. We have found military buttons,
shako badges, lots of personal items like
pins and buttons that people would have lived and
used here. When an archeological resource
is uncovered it is catalogued, photographed and
recorded in position. Our goal through all this work is to
better understand how people lived and worked up here
on the Hill and understand the military occupation
through time. It’s a unique opportunity to work on one of
the most important national historic sites in Canada as part of the UNESCO world heritage
site designation with the Rideau Canal as these barrack
structures served as the headquarters for the construction
of the canal.

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