Centeno Schultz Clinic – The Nation’s Leading Orthopedic Stem Cell Clinic

Welcome to the
Centeno-Schultz Clinic. It might be hard
to realize this is a much, much bigger operation
than what you see up on the first floor. In fact, below us is
an entire lab complex, where we have a
sophisticated research lab that allows us to perform
primary, basic science research using stem cells. That lab has all of
the types of things that you would see in
a research lab that would be at a university that
looks at stem cell function. In fact, it’s got some things
that many of those labs don’t possess. In addition to that,
we have a state of the art, $1 million
clean room downstairs, where your cells will be processed. And we have all
of this stuff here because what’s unique
about this place is that we were the inventors
of orthopedic stem cells in the United States. We’ve been doing this far
longer than anyone else. We originated the concept. So when you go online
and see some doctor who is trying to do
this, that person learned from someone
who learned from someone who learned from someone
who learned from us. So what does that state of
the art lab allow us to do? For instance, several years
ago, we asked the question, could we get a lot
more stem cells than anyone else has ever
dreamed of getting out of the same bone marrow sample? Meaning, if we take
that bone marrow sample, and we throw it in an
automated bedside centrifuge that every other
doctor has, we’ll get a certain number of
stem cells out of it. We were always able
to beat that number with our old, same-day
stem cell technique, but could we get a lot more? So what do we do? We put our scientific team
to work on that issue, and the answer is yes. We can get an awful lot
more stem cells, out of that same sample, than
anyone else on Earth can get. In fact, that’s such
a unique process that we filed a patent
on that process, because it allows us to pick
out a second population of stem cells that live in
your bone marrow, that everyone else right
now just throws away. That procedure allows us to
get 10 to 20 times the number of stem cells per unit volume
out of your bone marrow, when compared to smaller,
automated bedside centrifuges that are used by most doctors. Regenexx is a different
process than most. It’s a three step procedure. Our own research has
shown that that’s a more effective procedure
than just doing a one step procedure, where you take
stem cells and place them back the same day. Our procedure is a little
bit like a farming metaphor. We go ahead, and we till the
soil with the first injection. We then plant the seeds
with the second injection, and with the third
injection, we fertilize. We’re the only clinic
on Earth that’s starting to get involved
in research that allows us to measure what’s in the soil. What that means is that,
if you’re a good farmer you would go and test
the soil to make sure that the soil can grow your
seeds really well, and give you a good crop yield. In the same way, our
goal in testing the soil is to try to find ways
that we can improve the conditions inside your knee,
inside your hip, your shoulder, etc. to enhance repair. Are there things that you don’t
have that need to be added? Our state of the
art research lab allows us to look at
manufacturers’ claims. For instance, recently, sales
reps started to call us, claiming that they had a
vial of fetal stem cells, or amniotic stem cells,
that they could sell us. Now at first, we thought
this might be great. What a fantastic thing,
to have these kinds of young, active stem cells. But we didn’t trust
the sales reps. In our lab, we were
able to look at this, to try to see if there
were any stem cells, and there were no stem
cells in these vials. In fact, there wasn’t
a living thing. It was all dead tissue. Now, many patients,
regrettably, are getting scammed into thinking that they’re
getting a stem cell injection, when in fact,
they’re getting a dead tissue injection. Now, the doctors
really don’t know this, because they don’t have
a sophisticated lab to check on this like we do. Again, it’s one
of the differences between this practice and
others around the country. Our focus is not only
improving what we do, but also testing
the claims of others who might be able to provide
us with technology to help you. So everything you’re going to
get at Centeno-Schultz Clinic has been vetted
through that process. Regenexx is the most researched
orthopedic stem cell procedure on Earth. About a third of the
world’s literature that’s been published and
indexed in the US National Library of Medicine,
from medical journals, is on this procedure. What that also means is that we
extensively track our patients. We then publish that
data, whether it’s online, so that you can see
it, so we’re completely transparent about how
this works or doesn’t work in certain conditions. In addition, we send that
information to medical journals and have it peer reviewed. Safety is always a big concern
with newer procedures like stem cells, and we’ve
published more safety data on the use of
orthopedic stem cells than anyone else in
the United States, or anyone else in the world. And we’ve done that because
your safety is always our concern here. Now, that’s quite different
than other procedures, where there’s no safety
data published, or very, very little. In any new technology adoption,
there are a couple phases that physicians go through. The first phase is excited. This is an important thing. This must be able
to cure everything. The second phase is, it
doesn’t quite cure everything. It’s a good tool. Then the third phase
is when you start asking the tough questions. Who doesn’t it
work for, and why? Is there a way to
maximize this outcome? How do I stack the deck
in a patient’s favor, so this will work the
vast majority of the time. So at Regenexx, we’re well
beyond that first phase and second phase, and
deep into the third phase. At Regenexx, we’re well beyond
anywhere else, because we’re asking questions that other
physicians haven’t even thought of. And why haven’t they
thought of them? They just haven’t been
doing this long enough. Often, what you’ll see
in other clinics that are trying to
replicate what we’ve been doing for the last decade
or more is a blind injection. What that means is that the
doctor has no idea where the needle is going. He has some idea that it might
be in the right ballpark, but that’s a little bit
like using GPS to get you into the right
neighborhood, but forgetting that the GPS needs to take you
to the right street number. In the same way, it’s critical
that the doctor use guidance, and be experienced in
doing that, to make sure these cells go to
the exact right spot. That’s not a simple thing that
can be learned in a weekend. It’s a complex thing
that physicians spend a year or two mastering,
before they get reasonably good at. In addition to state of
the art lab facilities, we also have state of the art
injection facilities here. We offer both high level
ultrasound imaging, to guide the needle to
very specific spots, and we also offer high level
fluoroscopy or real time x-ray to make sure we’re
in other spots that require that technology. This is a very unique practice. We see patients from
all over the globe. We also treat some
of the top athletes. These are NFL players and
professional baseball players, and others who have
entrusted us to do their regenerative
medicine care. Why? Because we’ve been at
this a very long time. We’re the original clinic
in the United States to do this type of work.

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