Centennial Hills Hospital Neurology and Neurosurgery

– [Announcer] When life
throws the unexpected at you, when every second counts, when you need the highest level of care, there’s one healthcare
team that’s with you every step of the way, the neurology and neurosurgery experts at Centennial Hills Hospital. Our program provides a continuum of care with advanced technology and
treatment at every stage. Our specialized services
include spinal surgery, skull base surgery, and outpatient therapy and rehabilitation. We’re also home to a new biplane lab allowing us to perform
minimally invasive procedures to treat stroke and other
neurological diseases with the aid of imaging equipment. This can mean shorter hospital stays, reduced recovery times, and less scarring. When you need specialized care, trust the experts at the
neurology and neurosurgery program at Centennial Hills Hospital. To learn more, visit
centennialhillshospital.com. (inspirational music)

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