CC Medical Center using smartphone to help with patient care

the next time you walk into your doctor’s office you might notice they’re not using a pen and paper like they used to I thought this was the beginning of a joke man walks into a doctor’s yeah hey clipboards might soon actually become a thing of the past thanks to a company that’s working to make patient care more efficient we’re going to go out to sunrise reporter Roland Rodriguez he is that doctors Regional Hospital Roland tell us the story here good morning guys and good morning South Texas this new technology is going to help provide better care more efficient care and more importantly timely communication in 2017 when a gunman opened fire on concert goers in Las Vegas 214 victims were transported to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center the people at sunrise were ready thanks to the I mobile instant messaging system that was used to send a mass message to caregivers are learning everyone who was able to report to the ER and the CEO and CNO had said that that capability of communicating to all staff at one time just helped patient improvement patient care drastically the Corpus Christi Medical Center is one of the first in the area to use this a mobile application to help with clinical communication what happens is when there is something that the physician wants to speak to the nurse about or if the nurse wants to speak to the physician about they have instant communication with their staff at that time click of a button mobile heartbeat also addresses the mobile needs of our community well your patients when they’re coming into the facility and they see that the nurses are carrying their cell phones and they go to the bedside to assess their patients they have their lab values they have photos that you know maybe a wound that hasn’t been healing right the nurses could take a picture of it and put it into their chart in the application so that everybody on the care team can go and view those photos and the fact of the matter is this new system is all about improving patient care so the nurse call system is actually connected to the phones as well so your patient care tax your registered nurses your charge nurses they all get those broadcasts from the patient remotes when they’re calling for the nurses as well and the cause for this I guess you could say smartphone technology half a million dollars and be like more information now you have to visit our website at Kay Ras

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