[CC/FULL] Doctor John EP09 | 의사요한

I like you. I… like you. You can trust us. Oh, Dr. Cha. Everyone, this is Dr. Cha Yo Han
at our Pain Management Center. Don’t get off. Dr. Cha, I have a question. How’s the patient doing right now? What was the process
of making the diagnosis? How do you feel about
discovering such a rare disease? First of all, I cannot reveal
any personal information. So I cannot tell you anything
about the patient in detail. He’s right. Instead, you can tell them
about melioidosis. I think it’d be better to ask
about that… to the doctors in the Division
of Infectious Diseases. Bye, then. How do you feel about
getting reinstated again… after the euthanasia incident
at Myeongwon University Hospital? I’m sure it’s a sensitive issue
to the patients. Has there been anyone
who refused to get treated by you? No, not really. I don’t go around telling people
that I euthanized a patient. Don’t you think the hospital
should inform the patients… since they also have
the rights to know? What do you think, Director Kang? Well… Well, regarding that issue… We won’t be answering
any questions… regarding that specific issue. I’m Han Myung Oh,
the hospital’s attorney. Today’s briefing is
about a melioidosis patient. So you can email us
regarding any additional questions. Excuse me. Please make way. He’s right. Today is about the fact that Dr. Cha
found Pseudomonas pseudomallei. The articles you write today
should be only about that. How haughty of him. Must I really run away like this? It’s not something
you should talk about right now. Prosecutor Son came by
in the afternoon. He even visited Chief Min
this time around. Why? Did he come
to give her a warning? Yes, he even mentioned the fact… that her daughters are
learning from you. “A student who’s learning from
someone who euthanized a patient…” “is trying to make her father
die with dignity.” He can easily create
that kind of scenario. It won’t even take that much effort. (Doctor John) (Episode 9: Terminal and Incurable) Get in. – What?
– Dr. Cha asked me… to drive you home
since it’s late. Get in. You had a rough day, didn’t you? Dr. Cha had it worse. He really is obstinate. I know he’s competent
and confident. But he really worries
the people around him. I’m scared he might make a mistake
and end up ruining his life. I hope you understand. I’m only saying this
because he put me through a lot… He really is obstinate. When he’s focused on something, that’s the only thing
he cares about. Once he makes a decision,
he makes sure he gets it done. And if someone tries to stop him… – He tells you not to overreact.
– Exactly. I’ve heard him say that to me
so many times. He always tells me
that I’m overreacting… when he’s the one
who’s actually overreacting. It’s because he’s so old-fashioned. I mean, who puts in
that much effort these days? He really should have a limit. You seem to know him very well. I’ve known him for over three years, but he rarely talks about himself
or lets me help him out. So it’s very hard to predict
what’s on his mind. Go home safely. Thank you for giving me a ride home. No problem. Rest up. Okay. Mission accomplished.
Where are you? Are you home? I’ll check the articles,
so you should get some rest. And… don’t forget that everyone
needs to be careful right now. That includes you, Chief Min, and Dr. Kang. (Call log) I like you. I… like you. (Reporter Ahn Seung Hyun) (I guess Cha Yo Han
won’t be showing up.) (Reporter Ahn Seung Hyun) Hello? I took the photo on my way out
after the press conference. They showed up
in front of the press together? It was by coincidence. I wanted to ask more questions
about what happened three years ago. But the hospital attorney
stopped me. I want you to release an article
tomorrow morning. – Okay.
– And… I’ll keep an eye on Cha Yo Han
and Kang Si Young for a while. It seems like what they have
is a lot deeper… than just a professor
and student relationship. We can’t show any flaws… to those who are against
what we’re trying to do. We can’t let an unnecessary scandal
tarnish our ultimate goal. I’m also worried about that,
so I’m keeping an eye on them. I guess it’s about time now… since I heard he’s fully ready now. Is everything finally ready, sir? (Seoul Hanse Medical Center) Okay, you may enter now. Make sure you install the monitor
in the right place. (Business Agreement
Signing Ceremony) “Zinmu Rijund”? This is unbelievable. Are we finally… getting managed by Zinmu Rijund? Come on. Please hurry. They’re number one in domestic sales
and patented medical devices… and are known for supporting doctors
with clinical trials and research. Are you really talking about
the famous Zinmu Rijund? My gosh. Dr. Cha really brought
a huge change to the hospital. This is all so amazing. – Let’s take a photo.
– Okay. – Let’s go.
– Gosh, that’s so unnecessary. Hurry. Our faces aren’t that important. What’s important is
to show Zinmu Rijund’s logo. Here we go. 1, 2, 3. Hello! – Hello.
– Hello. Please stand next to each other. Great. Here comes the poses. Heart. Thumbs up. We can do it! Could the two in the middle
shake hands? Please applaud. Where’s Dr. Cha
when he should be the star? Exactly. I can understand the director
and the chief being there, but why is Dr. Kwon there? – Exactly.
– My goodness. This morning, Chief Min asked
Dr. Cha to come, but he rejected the offer. He’s so anti-social. I know, right? You should be
sociable at work like them. All right. It’s a masterpiece! You’re so handsome! I look so nice. Not only that, but we’re receiving
all the support from Zinmu Rijund. Anyway, things are going
quite well, ma’am. You’re right. The media is doing
its best to sugarcoat him. “Sugarcoat”? His patients are extremely content
with him. It’s natural for people to believe
that he’s competent. Yes, you are totally right. I heard my dear Dr. Cha will be
presenting tomorrow at a colloquium. – “My dear Dr. Cha”?
– I heard it’s about analgesia. Yes. It’s not common. I thought it’d be helpful
for other doctors as well, so I told him to do it. That was a wise decision.
I’ll tell the PR team about it. I should go now. By the way, did you see the article? – What article?
– You didn’t? Exactly what article? Hello. Did you not sleep well? I should be asking you that. Don’t get me started. My kitten was crying all night long. You have a kitten? Well… It just happened. Hello, Dr. Cha. Please don’t joke around
with me today. I’m not in the mood for that. – That’s not it.
– Why do you keep teasing me? – Wait.
– What about Dr. Cha? – He’s behind…
– He has nothing to do with me. – Going up.
– Aren’t you getting in? Well… Coffee. You should go first. Door closing. Let’s buy coffee. What? Did you go home safely? Yes. Why… Why aren’t you saying anything
about what happened yesterday? Because this is my answer… to yesterday’s incident. Door opening. Thank you… for what you said. I’m grateful to hear that. Here’s your coffee. – Thank you.
– Enjoy. What’s all this? Cats go crazy over them. Give one a day. And this is for the joints. This is a brush. What’s this? It’s a toy. They like it when you shake it. When did you prepare all this? Everything’s great, but there’s something
more important. We met. It was a rough patch at first, but then, we started
to like each other. What’s the next step, then? Do you not know? We should give it a name. How pretty. Isn’t it adorable? Dad. Can you call my name at least once? Say, “Si Young”. I miss your voice. What is that? It was you. No wonder. He always had a clean shave. Hello, I’m Jung Chan Seok
from Zinmu Rijund. I see. Your hospital’s
Pain Management Center… will get a makeover. We will be supporting you
with whatever you need. Thank you. We were in need
of a lot of equipment anyway. Feel free to tell me whenever
you need anything. I’ll see you
at the colloquium tomorrow. Goodbye. This morning, I found this article. (“Doctor Who Was in Charge of
Myeongwon Hospital’s Euthanasia…”) (“Returns After 3 Years”) What did I say, director? However successful he is, Dr. Cha… won’t do us any good
by becoming a public figure. – Stop it.
– Okay. That reporter. What’s his name
and where does he work? Soon, we’ll discuss whether to take
Chairman Kang off the ventilator. Officially and publicly. Based on his current condition, it will be very controversial. I don’t want you to influence
this discussion in any way, wittingly or unwittingly. Keep that in mind
whenever you speak or act, and be very cautious. Okay. I understand what you mean. Go and see your new equipment. – Be very careful.
– This is amazing. Come along, everyone. Isn’t it awesome? Gosh. I brought the drinks you ordered. – Drinks?
– Who ordered these? Who else could it be? It’s a special day,
so it’s my treat. Enjoy yourselves! – Thank you.
– Thank you! Thank you. Here. Hello. – Hello.
– Hello. Dr. Cha. Congratulations. – Congratulations.
– Congratulations! It’s nothing. It’s the new model. It’s nice. Matong, Matong, let’s go. 1, 2, 3. – Matong, Matong, let’s go!
– Matong, Matong, let’s go! Time for a meeting. 37-year-old female. Pain on the left side of her face. Wait. Her name is Yoo Ri Hye? Is it the Yoo Ri Hye we know? – Yes.
– What? No way, no way. I was a huge fan. (Yoo Ri Hye) She’s my ideal type. Mine too. I cried when she announced
her marriage and retirement. – Me too.
– Me too. She got divorced
and came back not long after. She was in many dramas
and films until two years ago. Yes. Two years ago,
she got rare cancer… and stopped acting. That’s right. I heard she’s still
getting treated. What does she have? Olfactory neuroblastoma. Yes. It spread all over, and she stopped
additional treatment. Do you mean there’s nothing
that can be done? That’s right. What kind of disease is
olfactory neuroblastoma? (Chae Eun Jeong, 11 missed calls) I was in court. Is something wrong? Listen carefully. I think the time you mentioned
came sooner than we thought. Take her photo. A carer who works at Hanse told me. She was admitted today and… Cha Yo Han is her doctor. Cha Yo Han will stop himself. We just need to wait. For him to meet a patient
who only has only… pain and death left. Mom, she looks scary. You can’t say that. Let’s go. Where did her eye go? (“Yoo Ri Hye Suffering with
Rare Cancer”) Inside her nose. Is that the tumor? MRI and CT. The MRI shows
the eye is being pushed outward. Olfactory neuroblastoma… is a tumor in the nasal cavity
that grows larger. As her tumor grew,
her face became disfigured, and she lost her sight,
sense of smell, and taste. Since when was her face disfigured? – About two years?
– In her case, if chemo or radiation’s of no use, is pain relief all we can offer? Yes. Her pain must be immense. This patient requires pain relief… urgently and desperately. We have to block
the semilunar ganglion. Let’s do that procedure
with the RF… – that came in today.
– Okay. Dr. Cha. The patient’s here. Dr. Lee, have you done this before? Stop. No. I just observed it once. It’s really tough. It takes a long time to find
the right ganglion. Lie down here. It’s a little cold. Hello. Hello, I’m Cha Yo Han,
and I’m here to relieve your pain. It’s a sensitive procedure
and you’ll feel discomfort. It could be painful. We’ll begin. Drape. (To sanitize the surgical area
and cover with a clean cloth.) I’ll cover with a sterile cloth.
Don’t be alarmed. Set to 33°. Adjust angle. Five more degrees. Okay, that’s fine. Tweezers. Check. Check. Local anesthetic. Needle. I’ll go through the foramen ovale
to the trigeminal nerve. Okay. (Hole in the sphenoid bone) Check. Check. Lateral view. That’s fine. Check. Check. Check. Sensory check. RF. (To check for senses) – Will it work in one go?
– I don’t know. Can anyone do it on their first try? We’ll start at 50 hertz, 0.3 ampere. I’ll begin. Do you feel the electricity
where your face hurt? Yes. Ganglion confirmed. How’s her pulse and BP? All normal? Yes, normal. Lidocaine. I’ll inject the anesthetic. Ma’am, if you don’t feel any pain,
please raise your right arm. From 75° for 60 seconds, – start coagulation.
– The coagulation will begin now. We’ll keep an eye on you
for a few days. Let me know whenever
if you feel any pain. Good work. – Good work.
– Good work. – He is truly amazing.
– He really is. Good work, doctor. Are you okay? Yes. I’m fine. I was slightly dizzy. That’s why you should eat
and sleep well. Since you’re always working
until late and not eating well, your body has become weak. Should I introduce you
to a really nice restaurant? You’ll instantly feel better
after eating their food. I’m feeling fine now. I don’t think I can see
any more patients… because I need to prepare
for the colloquium. – Please tell the others.
– Okay, I will. Hey. I’ll bring Min Seok over,
so why don’t you meet him? I’d like to go to my hospital room. – Okay.
– Will you keep doing this? Will you not see
your one and only son? Please hurry! I refuse to have any visitors. Please don’t let anyone in. Do you understand? Okay. May I go in? She doesn’t wish to see anyone. Will she never see him again? Are you talking about her son? After the divorce,
her ex-husband took care of him. He didn’t let her meet her own son,
so they barely met. Why do you think
she’s refusing to meet him? My sister’s only way
of feeling happiness… and communicating with him… was through texting. (While filming…) She sent him photos every day
so that he’d remember her face. She never skipped a day. Two years ago,
she was diagnosed with cancer. And she couldn’t tell him
about it. She kept postponing… (Mom, I got an award!
Didn’t I do so well?) and postponing. (Mom, I tried cooking today.
It wasn’t tasty.) Mom, did you not film today? (I love…) She could neither tell him… that she’d be dying soon… nor show her changing face. Mom, why aren’t you sending
photos of yourself these days? I miss you. Mom, come on. (Mom, why aren’t you sending
photos of yourself these days?) After being diagnosed
with last-stage cancer… and losing her vision, she stopped
contacting him altogether. Then did he only recently find out
about his mom’s illness? Yes. I told him about it… and finally persuaded his dad
to allow him to come. But she’s refusing to meet him. She says he’ll be shocked
to see her face. She doesn’t want to be remembered
as a monster. Did Yoo Ri Hye receive
any additional analgesic? No, she just fell asleep. If she feels pain,
please administer PRN. And I’ll be
at the colloquium tomorrow, so let me know if anything happens. Yes, ma’am. You’re working so hard
until late at night. I’m reporter Ahn Seung Hyun
from Social Time. We met briefly yesterday.
Do you remember? How do you feel about
getting reinstated again… after the euthanasia incident
at Myeongwon University Hospital? Oh, yes. This is a restricted area. How did you get in? Is it? I waited to ask you a question. Could you spare me some time? I only give official
and planned interviews. The exit is that way. Dr. Cha! He’s coming. Dr. Cha. – Dr. Cha.
– The reporter is coming. The reporter…
The reporter is coming. – The reporter?
– He’s coming here. Dr. Cha. Dr. Cha! (Emergency Medical Center) Dr. Cha! (Regional Emergency Medical Center) Doctor. He is running a high fever
and is unconscious. Are there any other symptoms? Abdominal pain or vomiting? We don’t know.
Please run some tests. Okay.
Show them to the waiting area. – Start with a blood test.
– Yes. Please do a brain CT too. A brain CT? He might have bumped his head
into something when he fell. All right. Let me show you
where you should wait. Come this way. (Influenza vaccination) He took sick leave recently too.
Is there something wrong with him? But why did you take him
to another hospital? I didn’t want people at our hospital
to start talking. That makes sense. (CT and MRI Room) The tests are over.
Please wait for the results. Okay. Let me go make a phone call. – Sorry?
– I was on my way to my mom. I should probably tell her
I’ll be late. Okay. Thank you. For helping me. You talk like you’re the only one
who is worried. I’m worried about Dr. Cha too. Dr. Cha. We’re in the emergency room. How do you feel? You collapsed in front of the
emergency exit on the first floor. Do you remember? What about the reporter? We hid in time, so he didn’t see you. Mr. Cha, you woke up. How do you feel? – I feel fine.
– Good. The test results are out. – Nothing…
– Excuse me. Vitals… Blood test… CT? Did you ask for a CT too? Everything seems normal. Pardon? Well, yes. You can leave
when you’re done with the IV. Thank you. Why? Let’s go. No. You need to rest. Dr. Cha. Are you okay? Yes, I’m fine. Why are you here? Dr. Kang called me
when you collapsed. Are you already leaving? Where’s the car? Are you sure you’re okay? You even have to give a presentation
at the colloquium tomorrow. I’m fine. I’ll do everything as planned. Thank you for today. See you. Will you be okay? Should I come and pick you up
tomorrow morning? You don’t have to.
I’ll see you at the colloquium. I’m sorry I keep nagging, but you shouldn’t drive
for the time being, okay? I know. I’ll take a taxi. Is he really okay? My goodness. Are you okay? I have something to tell you. Come in. Would you like some tea? What is it? There’s something wrong
with your body. What is it? I hear a ringing in my ears,
and I feel a bit dizzy too. Ringing? – Yes.
– Get a checkup. – There’s a doctor you know, right?
– Yes. Then go to him tomorrow. You should cancel the presentation
and go to the hospital. – I’ll take care of it.
– You’ll go, right? – You’ll get a checkup, right?
– I’ll take care of it. What if you collapse again? If it wasn’t me
who found you back there… It shouldn’t happen, but if this incident repeats
itself… It’ll be a problem if someone else
finds you in that state. But if no one finds you,
that’ll be horrible. Just thinking of that… At the ER, the doctor was asking me
where you were hurting… and what the symptoms were, but I couldn’t answer. Even if I was conscious,
I wouldn’t have been able to answer. – That’s my illness.
– My point, exactly. Let me help you. You monitor
your unresponsive body endlessly… and even have to hide the fact
that you’re doing so. Let me help you. I’ll do everything
that I can. Hey. You look too serious. It’s not that big of a deal. I’m fine. You’re not fine. – You need my help.
– Si Young. My illness… What’s happening
inside of my body… isn’t a curse. Everyone gets sick
in their lifetime. And I’m not an exception. I’m not saying you’re different. But you won’t be able to detect
any symptoms. But for me,
I know my body very well, and I’m used to my illness. Good work today.
I’ll see you tomorrow. Is it because you feel uncomfortable
about my feelings for you? I’ll handle… my own feelings. Please don’t refuse my help
just because of that. You’re helping me enough. Keeping someone else’s secret
means… that you’re willing to put up
with many things. You’re already doing that,
and that’s enough. You should go. I need some rest. Pain-relieving procedure? Yes, she was admitted
to the hospital for that. And Dr. Cha is in charge. How bad is her condition? I saw her face this afternoon. I’ve never seen a patient
in such a horrible condition. She was diagnosed
as terminally ill recently. From what I know,
they offered her to sign… the Advance Medical Directive. – Did she sign it?
– Not yet. – How about going to a hospice?
– She refused that as well. That beautiful lady was diagnosed
with such a terrible illness. I doubt she wishes
to fight through this. She has a son. – Bye.
– Bye. He’s only eight years old. Imagine how heartbroken she must be. Prosecutor Son, it’s me. The cancer cells have spread,
so she stopped receiving treatment. She’s refused to go to a hospice. (“Yoo Ri Hye Suffering with
Rare Cancer”) I heard one of your members… went to Switzerland not long ago. I heard about the assisted suicide. This is all I have on her. (“Zinmu Rijund Decides to Fund
Seoul Hanse Medical Center”) Zinmu Rijund,
a pharmaceutical company, decided to support
Hanse’s Pain Management Center. They’re currently bringing in
new medical equipment. Wait a minute. “Death Talks”. Isn’t that the meeting
you went to yesterday? Yes. (Death Talks) It’s the same logo. Zinmu Rijund. What do you think
is the relationship… between the two? They could get volunteers
for their clinical tests. But seeing how they disclosed
their logo like so, there must be more to it. (Zinmu Rijund’s vision
is world-class.) (Anesthesiology and Pain Management
Center Symposium) (Anesthesiology and Pain Management
Center Symposium) It’s tomorrow. Those from Hanse Medical Center
will be there too, right? (Death Talks) Zinmu Rijund is keeping
themselves quite busy. (Anesthesiology and Pain Management
Center Symposium) (Death Talks, Lee Sang Hee) (Sponsor, Zinmu Rijund) (Anesthesiology and Pain Management
Center Symposium) (Dalbit Foundation) (Zinmu Rijund’s Safe
and Fast Anesthetic) (Anesthesiology and Pain Management
Center Symposium) This symposium is a hit. It’s teeming with people. Things have been crazy
for the past few days, so I’m sure it has helped
gather more people. You’re right.
So many people are interested. You should add this. You might upset your stomach. There are many people here.
This symposium is very popular. – Let’s go inside.
– Ladies first. Did you get in touch with Dr. Cha? No. What about you? I called him this morning,
but he didn’t pick up. He should be okay, right? (Cha Yo Han) (Latest Views
of Treating CIPA Patients) I think… doctors share a similarity with
detectives of a serious crime squad. The culprits are the illnesses
that attack our patients. And we’re detectives
who need to find them. One day, we meet a criminal
that’s very hard to catch. He doesn’t say a word, and something
we haven’t yet identified… slowly begins to attack from inside. The illness
that I’ll talk about is… the genetic transmission
of hereditary sensory… and autonomic neuropathy type 4,
CIPA. With this illness,
the criminal is silent. In other words, it numbs your senses
and ability to feel pain. Patients bite on and bite off
their tongue once they grow teeth. Their hands and feet are
repeatedly injured and deformed. They rub their eyes to the point
where they damage their corneas. Despite losing pieces of tongue
and tearing their corneas, they don’t feel pain,
so they can’t stop these actions. They’re also less able to
secrete sweat… to lower their body temperature, so more than 50 percent
die before three of a fever. In other words, a patient’s
average lifespan is very short. (Anesthesiology and Pain Management
Center Symposium) (Sponsored by Zinmu Rijund) The case I’ll present today… disrupted the definition of CIPA. A patient who could feel no pain
started to feel pain. It’ll sound interesting
but hard to understand. So instead of explaining,
I’ll take questions. Ask whatever you want. (Sponsored by Zinmu Rijund) (Presenter: Cha Yo Han) (Anesthesiology and Pain Management
Center Symposium) Yes. What’s your question? It must’ve been a mysterious case. The cause. Based on your analogy,
it would be a lead. You must’ve felt lost,
not having any clues or leads. How did you grasp the problem first? Thanks for using my analogy. The starting point to
solving the mystery… was the phantom limb pain. A real ghost pain.
Phantom limb pain. He felt pain when there was none. My team flipped that hypothesis. It’s not that he didn’t feel pain.
There was no pain. Having no pain… I don’t understand
what you just said. There was no pain, so he felt pain? I apologize. Could you
say that again? I’m sure you’ll explain later, but from what I know,
phantom limb pain, CIPA, and central sensitization… are all related in some manner… Yes. So, about that. I was talking to a second-year
resident on my team… when I got the hint. – What’s wrong?
– I don’t know. I’m sorry. I’ll answer again. Doctor. Have some water. (Anesthesiology and Pain Management
Center Symposium) (Zinmu Rijund) (Presenter: Cha Yo Han) (Doctor John) Prosecutor. I think it’s today. The day you talked about. What? Yoo Ri Hye… What about her? Please don’t do this. Shouldn’t you let me do
whatever I want… to free myself from my illness? How much time do I have left… to live as a doctor? I don’t think you have long.

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