[CC] 의사요한, Doctor John, EP13 (Full)

Save me. Doctor. I want to live. Save me. Save me. Dr. Cha, please promise me… that you’ll… help me recover… from this illness. I’ll do my best. I’ll give it my best. So you also… need to stay strong. Okay, I’ll stay strong. Help me. I have CIPA. Congenital insensitivity
to pain with anhidrosis. He put on a show this far. How can someone
who has CIPA treat patients? I will report him myself. Lastly, do you have anything to say
to the patients out there… who are suffering from pain? (Dr. Cha Yo Han) I have nothing to say. Pardon? There’s nothing I can say
to console their pain. But I promise that I’ll do my best
to get rid of… and reduce the pain
that they have. Dr. Cha, we just got
the test results. And the numbers are a little odd. The galactomannan value needs to be
over 0.5 to be considered positive. And he got 0.6. Why did you want to see me? Do you remember telling me
that you’ll… leave it to the patients to judge
what kind of doctor you are? You can break your bones,
cut your flesh, get a burn,
and suffer from frostbite. But you still won’t be
able to feel any pain. So how will it be possible for you
to understand your patients? Is that why it was so easy
for you to euthanize someone? Because you think of pain
as something you study… rather than something you feel? I know it’s too late
to hold a retrial, but I’m going to question
your qualifications as a doctor… on whether or not
you have the right… to care for the patients. Are you done? I’m very busy, so I’ll get going
if you’re finished. Dr. Cha. Why did you come see me
if you know about my illness… and thought I didn’t deserve
to treat patients? What did you want to check? Did you want to check if I was being
honest or hypocritical? I’m sorry, but as I told you before,
my patients are the only ones… who have the right to decide
whether I’m qualified or not. Are you confident? Are you confident that your patients
will continue to trust you… without feeling betrayed
even after they find out about you? Even in this very moment,
a patient of mine… is lying in bed unconscious. Whether I can save
that patient or not. That’s what’s important to me. How are you acquainted
with Mr. Lee Won Gil? Dr. Cha, you need to get over here. I don’t know if he’s conscious
or if his eyes are just open. I can’t check because
he can’t react to pain. Gi Seok, can you hear me? Gi Seok, I want you
to follow my finger. Gi Seok, try moving your hand. Try moving your feet. Gi Seok, I want you to blink… if you can hear me. – Locked-in syndrome.
– Locked-in syndrome. (Locked-in syndrome: A condition
where you’re conscious…) (but can’t react
to external stimulus) “Lee Won Gil”? I don’t know who he is.
Am I supposed to know him? What if… there’s a drug that allows you
to die comfortably in happiness? And what if… someone was to allow you
to use that drug? “Die in happiness”? How can there be a drug like that? Life and death aren’t that simple. If you feel the urge to die and you
see that drug right next to you, do you think
you’ll just take it and die? And even if someone wishes to die, all living beings have
an instinct to stay alive… up until the very moment
they breathe their last breath. That’s human nature,
and it doesn’t change that easily. And that’s why every living being… is very pitiful. – Hello?
– Did he admit to it? Yes. Now, all that’s left for him is
to lose his medical license. This isn’t enough to make him
lose his medical license. But we’ll at least be able
to get him fired from that hospital. Once people find out
that they were being treated… by a doctor
who can’t even feel pain, many patients will start to question
his medical diagnosis. I want you to calm down first. Let’s think about what to do. What’s there to think about? I have a lot on my mind
other than this issue. Let’s talk about this next time. Prosecutor Son. Locked-in syndrome? Yes. We must find out what caused it. Depending on the cause,
the prognosis can be good or bad. At least now he can
communicate with you… by blinking. Do you know any of
Gi Seok’s friends… whom we could ask what happened? Yes. Someone called to ask
how he’s doing. Could you ask that friend to
come to the hospital? Yes. I’ll ask him. We can relax a bit now. If we just identify the cause… What is it? It’s nothing. How much longer do I have… as a doctor? (Doctor John) (That promise of trying) – Dr. Cha.
– You’re awake. – I dozed off.
– You stayed all night? Did you get some sleep? Yes. You did a lot of studying. I found this. A research team at
Clevlend Clinic… is studying pain management… with the CIPA gene. They should have much more data… and material on CIPA cases. Shall I contact them? Why? It’s nothing. Can I
take a look at this? Yes. You must stay strong… if Gi Seok’s to have
the energy to fight. At least now he can blink
to communicate. We made progress. Right. That’s it. As my mom said,
food is energy! She said that. Eat up. Excuse me. Yes, Dr. Cha. Gi Seok. Did you inject yourself
with steroids while working out? This. If I’m right, blink once. If not, blink twice. Did you go to a new place
other than the gym? – Where?
– Ask yes or no questions. Oh, right. Excuse me. Just a moment. Dr. Cha, I have
something to tell you. I met Gi Seok’s friend. Assault? He was assaulted? Yes. A group of kids
bullied Gi Seok. He was dragged to a warehouse
and beaten up. A warehouse? Hey. Hey. Do you really not feel pain? Hey. Does this not hurt? Stop it. Hey. Get up. Stab a knife. You did it before. – Gi Seok.
– Gi Seok. I don’t do that anymore. Move. Is that so? – I’ll make you feel pain.
– Come here. He hit his head? Yes. How about this? That must’ve hurt. Oh, no. Come on, Gi Seok. – Where do you think you’re going?
– Fight back, Gi Seok. – Fight, Gi Seok.
– Where are you going? Let’s do a CTA. Do you suspect something? Vertebral artery dissection. (Decreased blood flow from internal
rupture of a vertebral artery) Doctor. The first CT didn’t show anything. If it’s acute, cerebral infarctions
don’t show up in CTs. We’ll test right away. What’s the matter? If his vertebral artery
is dissected, his prognosis… will be very bad. We don’t know the result yet.
Let’s check first. (Voice of the customers) (Name, email, show to others, title) Ma’am, your patient’s here. Okay, thanks. This garden was made… by the voluntary workers
at this hospice. When they are indoors,
they only talk about being sick. But out here, they can talk
about beautiful things… such as flowers and trees. I can’t smell the flowers, but I can hear the birds singing… and the breeze blowing… through the leaves. Is that so? Mom, come here. Hello. Aren’t they beautiful? Yes, they are. – Are you feeling better?
– Yes, I am. It may not be easy,
but you mustn’t skip your meals. – Okay. Thank you.
– No problem. I’m really happy to see you. Right. Give me your hand. Like this. I caught you. I caught you. Who’s your favorite person
in this world? You. You’re my favorite person
in the world too, Jeong In. – It’s so hot.
– Is it?The morning breeze is coldThe wild goose is cryingPlease send my teacherMy baby is in there! Jeong In! Jeong In! Mom… No? He had no symptoms. Still, I’m glad it’s not dissection
of the vertebral artery. There’s a footprint. Do you think this is also
from the assault? Find out… where that warehouse is. Okay. – Sir, we have a problem.
– What is it this time? This was uploaded
onto our bulletin board. (Voice of the customers) (How could someone who can’t
feel pain be a renowned doctor?) What is this? “How could someone who can’t
feel pain be a renowned doctor?” My goodness. Who’d write such nonsense? Does this make any sense? Dr. Cha is a CIPA patient? We ran several tests
after he was appointed. There weren’t any abnormalities. It’s a genetic issue,
so a mere recruitment checkup… wouldn’t have caught it. In order to verify this rumor, we can ask him directly. Dr. Cha? Who’d write something like that? Right? Who’d dare to write
such a canard… on our sacred hospital’s
bulletin board? Hold on. This isn’t just any canard.
This is defamation. Seeing how this was uploaded
as soon as he was aired on TV, someone must’ve been jealous of him. People who appear on TV
for the first time… tend to be mocked by weirdos. That must be the case, right?
To be honest, he did seem… a bit strange when he first met
Gi Seok, so I was suspicious. Was he strange? I had no idea. – Dr. Lee.
– Yes? Get the bed ready. Shouldn’t he go to the ER? No. He’s our patient. The only thing I can say is that
the impossible thing has happened. (Pain Management Center) He’s a bit strange. Right? He kept asking
about the CIPA patient’s results. – Sir!
– He’s running a high fever… and is unconscious. Why did you want to bring him
to another hospital other than ours? I didn’t want to cause a scene
at our hospital. What is it? Could I know where
that warehouse was? Okay. Please let me know
once you find the address. Thanks. Dr. Kang, we need to talk. What is it? Is it true? What is? Is Dr. Cha… a CIPA patient? Dr. Cha! Did you find out? Not yet. But… What’s wrong? Last night, Prosecutor Son Seok Ki
visited me. He knew about my illness. It’s okay. I’ve always kept in mind that
this day could come one day. What happened? Sit down. Dr. Cha. You promised me. You said if anything happened
to you, I’d be the first one to know. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Dr. Cha. Is it true? How do you think this will unfold? (Chief Min Tae Kyung) (“Doctor Known to Detect Pain Well
Is a CIPA Patient?”) “Suspicions regarding a doctor,
who’s in charge…” “of treating patients, being
a CIPA patient…” “has arisen.” (Prosecutor Son Seok Ki) (“Competent Doctor at H Hospital
Turns out To Be a CIPA Patient”) (H Hospital is Seoul Hanse
Medical Center.) (Weren’t they on TV recently?) (Why isn’t the hospital responding
to this?) (Why is that illness an issue?) (Seoul Hanse Medical Center) I’m sorry to have called you all. A serious matter arose,
so it was urgent. Dr. Cha, please sit over there. Please respond truthfully
to our questions. Is the content of that writing
on the bulletin board true? I’m talking about the post… claiming that you’re a CIPA patient. It’s true. What? A pain management expert? A CIPA patient treating
the patients… is a comedy in itself. There were no issues
or problems so far. Nothing happened yet,
but something was bound to arise. How could the patients
trust you with their health now? Did you enjoy
observing your patients? “What is that pain I don’t feel?” You were obsessed, weren’t you? How can such a person
care for patients? How can I not? The more I observed the more I saw, and the more I obsessed
the more I heard. I couldn’t feel their pain, but their cries never left me. How could I not care for them? CIPA is not a lethal
contagious disease… or a mental one like schizophrenia. It doesn’t hamper his work at all… or count as a cause for dismissal. It’s true that he deceived us… by hiding his condition from us. I didn’t say
we’d decided to dismiss him. We’ll call
a disciplinary committee… and discuss what action to take. Until then, you’re excluded from
all medical duties. As Chief of Anesthesiology… and the person who hired Dr. Cha, I hold myself responsible. I will accept any punishment also. Let’s discuss that
at the disciplinary committee. I’ll accept
whatever the decision is. But let me say one final thing. Let me treat Lee Gi Seok. Lee Gi Seok? Yes. We were identifying
the cause of his condition. I must reach a conclusion. You’re in no condition to
see patients. You didn’t seem too well
at the seminar. Dr. Cha, are you in tiptop shape? Answer me. Are you well enough
not to disrupt your duties? It’s true that I’m not well, – but…
– Then I can’t allow it. Until the committee’s ruling, you’re excluded from seeing
admitted patients and outpatients. Kang Si Young. How did it go? Are they still talking? What’s happening? It feels like a dream. What’ll happen to Dr. Cha? (Conference Room) To me, you seemed… as if you had no tomorrow. So I thought that maybe
you lacked something in your life. Now I get it. Your illness no one can cure. That thirst. You wanted to quench it
by treating others. It would be a lie to say… that’s not how I felt. Dr. Cha. Are you all in shock? How did it go? Did they decide what to do with you? Not yet. Until they do, I’m not allowed to see patients. I didn’t know. I really didn’t know. If I’d known a little sooner, I could’ve understood you, and done all I could to assist you. I apologize. I’m grateful… but you have no time to waste. Find why Gi Seok’s sick. Do you understand? Yes. Let’s work together. Do you remember Park Jung Bo? We’ll become your eyes, your hands, and your mouth. Right. When Father Yu came in, we were all in different places, but you led us as a team
and diagnosed him. We can do this. You know Gi Seok better than anyone. I think we already began. Let’s go. If his skin doesn’t get better,
we have to switch to an antifungal. Consult the Division
of Infectious Diseases… before changing the medication. Also, starting today,
Dr. Lee will be in charge. Every prescription has to be
confirmed by Dr. Lee. Let me know when you need help. I’ll give you a call right away. Always keep in mind… that Gi Seok is a CIPA patient. Due to anhidrosis, he can’t
regulate his body temperature well, and he’s infected too. Keep an eye on the temperature
of the IV fluids and the room. Yes, Dr. Cha.
We’ll keep that in mind. We’ll keep an eye. You don’t have to worry, Dr. Cha. You can count on us. That’s all. Dr. Cha. I received the address
of the warehouse. (3rd floor, Seongjin-ro 144-2) I’ll go there. No. I’ll go. Let me come with you. You should stay with Gi Seok. I’ll let you know
if I find anything. Okay? Okay. Dr. Cha. Be careful. Is there no C-line? Prepare a C-line. (C-line: Central venous catheter) Give him phenylephrine and
start him on norepinephrine at 0.1. It’s sepsis. (Sepsis: Injury caused by
the body’s response to infection) – Does he need more drugs?
– Another 100mg of phenylephrine. Yes, Doctor. Don’t worry. Focus. Good. Why did you do that? Why did you do that
without talking to me first? I was worried
you wouldn’t want to do it. Why? Were you touched by Cha Yo Han? He’s a hypocrite. He deceived
both his patients and the hospital. You talk like you realized justice
by doing that. There are many ways
to realize justice. And you and I are using
different ways. Your way is just wrong. Fine, it’s all my fault. Your anger was facing the wrong
direction from the beginning, and I failed to stop it. – Hey.
– How could you do that? – Murderer!
– Hey! Was it out of resentment? – Step back!
– Murderer! Why did you do that? – You trash!
– How could you! Please step back! Keep away! – Why did you do that?
– Murderer! You murderer! Bring them back! Stop them! (Seung Yoo) Oh no… Are you okay? (Jeong In) Move! Step back! – Coming through!
– Step back! Mom! It’s hot! – No, Jeong In. Jeong In! Come out!
– Mom! – It’s hot!
– Jeong In! Where are you? Come out! After only six years in this world, my daughter died a painful death. Jeong In! Come out! I wanted the killer
to suffer more… than my daughter did. You murderer! And Cha Yo Han ended his suffering. Bring my child back! You burned Jeong In to death! Your death will be
even more painful! You’ll die in a fiery pit! You murderer! Since Jeong In died, there has been
no dignity in my life. And why… should Yoon Seong Kyu
die with dignity? Is it wrong to be angry about that? Prosecutor Son. Prosecutor Son! Are you okay?
Prosecutor Son! Help! We need help here! Prosecutor Son! Hurry up.
Prosecutor Son! (3rd floor, Seongjin-ro 144-2) (Seongjin-ro 144-2) Hey, kick him harder! Kick him! Does that not hurt? Does this not hurt? I bet it does. You can’t go anywhere. Kick him harder. Oil? Run a brain MRI, MRA, – and phlegm check.
– Did you find something? (Dr. Cha Yo Han) His immune system had been
suppressed due to the steroids. He inhaled dirt that was drenched
in oil. Due to nocardiosis, an abscess
was created in his brain stem. It must’ve caused
the locked-in syndrome. The ulcers on his shoulder… must be a symptom of it. I’ll run the tests right away. Is the rumor true? Did Dr. Cha really have
such a secret? Yes, sir.
I wasn’t aware of it either. Perhaps, we will be able to convince him
even better. Should I arrange an occasion? I’d like to meet him
as soon as possible. I don’t think… I have much time left. I understand, sir. How could you be ill? How? After losing Seung Yoo, there was no pain… that was greater than the pain
of losing my child. But… I felt a substantial amount
of pain… that made me forget my sorrows. “Yoon Seong Kyu must’ve suffered
hundredfold or thousandfold.” “Yes.” “You deserve that
for killing my son.” This was what I thought. But as time passed by, I became afraid. I was afraid… that when that time came, I’d search for someone
who’d deliver me as well. And is that… Cha Yo Han? It doesn’t matter who it is. Because if that time comes, not only will… my body die, but my soul will die as well. The number you called
cannot be reached. I’ve never seen this occur here. Me neither. They’re currently conducting
the phlegm test. The result is out. His blood vessels are fine. Just like Dr. Cha said,
there is an abscess. We’ll only know for sure once
the phlegm test result comes out. But judging by his symptoms
and the radiological findings, nocardiosis seems like our best bet. (Nocardiosis: Acute or chronic
infection of the lungs) The phlegm test result won’t
come out anytime soon. Should we trust his diagnosis… and administer
trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole… and imipenem? (Imipenem: A type of antibiotic) Let’s do that. It’s a tricky area, so we’ll need
to discuss with Neurosurgery… on the viability
of surgical removal. – Okay.
– Please tell Dr. Cha. Okay. Once Gi Seok recovers
due to this definite diagnosis, Dr. Cha’s suspension
will be lifted, right? Isn’t it ridiculous to kick out
someone so competent? You’re right. – We should…
– I’ll… I’ll talk to Gi Seok’s mother. The number you called
cannot be reached. (Kang Si Young) (Pain Management Center) The number you called
cannot be reached. The number you called
cannot be reached. (Dr. Cha Yo Han) Please… Please… The number you called
cannot be reached. The address is Seongjin-ro 144-2. I think a man has collapsed.
Please hurry. Seongjin-ro 144-2? We’re on our way. How is the man’s condition? – I don’t know.
– Sorry? What did you say? I said I don’t know! He doesn’t know if he’s in pain
even when he is! (Kang Si Young) (Doctor John) Dr. Cha’s disciplinary
committee is tomorrow. We’ve had problems
ever since he joined us. Let’s deal with Dr. Cha. I think I found a way
to help Dr. Cha. – What is it?
– We’ll work in two teams. Yoo Ri Hye got this text? Isn’t it strange? They never recruit people like this. If something like
the Cherubim video happens, Death Talks could become
a murder site. Don’t you ever get sick.

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