100 thoughts on “CBD Oils: Are There Dangers/Precautions (Pharmacist Perspective)

  1. Lets talk about the poisons in our foods and digestion issues and how the organs in our bodies are failing do to the crappy foods we have to pick from thus equal health issues .. no one knows how to garden anymore or cook for that matter Doctors have no clue about our foods and digestion …and DONT buy CBD from a gas station or grocery store or a multi level marketing company etc..read the labels they need to show batch test from each crop it was harvested from.

  2. I just started taking Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum 600 to help with ADHD and anxiety. WOW! Life changing!

    Yes, it’s expensive ($90 per tiny bottle) but now still worth every penny.

    Make sure you do the research and get super high quality CBD oils. Ananada Hemp has crazy strict quality control and is very very high quality CBD oil.

    I don’t sell Ananda products but you can’t go wrong with their products… and that’s why I recommend it.

  3. I have used both opioids and fentanyl patches for 21+ years for severe pain. All my blood tests are excellent. My mother was dead at 52 of stomach cancer. I am 66. You don’t want us using opioids in spite of the fact that they work. My husband uses CBD 50 mg gummies for his back pain because he doesn’t want to take opioids and it helps to relax his back and helps some of his pain. Anyone with a brain knows you start at a low does and work up as needed. Same as with any prescription. Livers can be repaired. Most people in pain will tell you that Medical Marijuana does not actually help pain. It helps nausea and relaxation not pain. Marinol gives you a buzz worse than pot.

  4. Hahaha we sell cbd at our shop and so many people have gotten off their meds and replacing with cbd…drug companies are terrified..govt has stifled all research, I thought you guys were trying to help people, let’s stir up some fear…unsubscribe

  5. Pharmacist is like asking the enemy to give us truth. Every time I happen to walk through a pharmacy the people are brain dead zombies waiting for their poison. I was one of them for over a decade until it nearly killed me. They destroy health and your asking them. Cannabis saved my life in 2008. I can now work again after 3 spine fusions from T3 to my waist along with Very Severe COPD 29% FEV1. I use a PEMF system along with Cannabis and Kratom.

  6. Green Roads is a great company based in Florida. They third party test their products, use organic hemp and their products have zero thc. Creating Better Days is also great.

  7. I appreciate the effort, but as I came into the video knowing next to nothing about CBD, I couldn't make sense of anything your pharmacist had to say. I wish he would have explained some of the basics of different forms it comes in and different uses. For example creams vs drops and methods of use, topical vs oral etc. As it is, this video seems like a waste of time to me. I couldn't follow anything he was trying to communicate. I appreciated Brad's efforts to steer the conversation….too bad pharma guy ignored him.

  8. I was a very skeptical user of cbd oil because i couldn't handle pot back in the day. CBD oil is wonderful. I use it and give it to my dog.
    I am now a believer after 1 1/2 yrs of use. I researched it for a good long time. yrs before I ever used it or gave it to my dog.
    It isn't THC
    After multiple joint replacements it has helped me get off opioids within a few weeks of the surgeries.
    My dog's seizures are gone.

  9. Thank you for this – my mom has Alzheimer’s & I have been giving her CBD oil gel caps that I get through her Pharmacist. I will make sure that we have her liver checked- I had no idea about that! I have been wondering about taking it for arthritis, I do use the cbd oil topically for that – but honestly it seems to have about the same effect as the “Rock Sauce” that my physical therapist gave me.
    Thank you Chris for all that info!
    Thanks Bob & Brad for covering this topic! I have learned so much from your channel!
    Btw- I got my physical therapist watching you & she loves you two!!!
    Also, I bought your wall anchors over a year ago- I am so much stronger and I enjoy exercise so much more!

  10. The liver damage he was speaking of was for a very specific compound and NOT the pure hemp cbd oil. Be clear on this.

  11. No offense but this pharmacist does not seem well informed. Cannabis should not be used for glaucoma, as it will not lower the eye pressure steadily like medications will.
    As for side effects, people have been using it for a thousand years without ill effect.
    I live in a state where medical marijuana is legal for certain conditions. Even though my illness is one that is included, my doctor was completely uncooperative and discouraging about me taking it. Reliable studies done in Europe showed it was very helpful for my conditions pain and inflammation. Doctors are not educated at all on cannabis so many discourage it.
    My state started registering cannabis doctors that give the okay for my cannabis license to use it, as well as advice about which product would work best for my condition. Thank goodness! I use drops 4 times a day. The daytime dose is mainly CBD so I don’t feel high and my nighttime dose also has THC, which helps me relax and sleep. But I have no problem waking up, unlike sleeping pills.
    I hope cannabis is legalized and decriminalized nationwide.
    The pharmacist neglected to mention the reason there are so few studies in the U.S. is because cannabis is still classified as a schedule one drug, in the same category as heroin! So researchers have to jump through lots of red tape to get an okay to do a study on it.

  12. CBD is hype. It does make you feel high. It's just not very intense because there is less thc. And yes you will still fail a drug test with it too…

  13. Thanks for a sensible conversation. I am in several FB groups for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diffuse Ideopathic Skeletal Hyperstenosis and so many discussions are regarding the miracle of CBD oil. Many do declare to just smoke pot LOL. Not gonna do that at this point. So then what dosage? Where do you purchase? etc. Too many unregulated options. Now my chiropractor and Pain Management physicians office is selling it???? I personally think it is a FAD, just like intermittent fasting and Keto (which was Atkins back in the 70's and 80's). Let not forget how expensive it is also. Trust me, I have had enough pain to want to just smoke a joint, but then you have to contend with lung cancer, which my dad and grandfather both had.. You just have to take a multi faceted approach to pain management and deal with it the best way YOU can. Keep moving is the most important thing. Love your channel to inspire me to keep moving. Thanks for all you do!

  14. Buyer beware ~ check out cleanlabelproject.org ~ go to category summaries and then check out CBD ~ their 2019 lab tested results were pretty eye opening. 34 of the brands tested had higher amounts of lead than was found in the Michigan water. For me to use it ~ I will wait for long term studies.

  15. This is about what I thought a pharmacist would say.

    For starters, hemp is NOT marijuana. Second, playing with the doses…how many Rx has this guy dispensed over his 24 years that included drugs (with harmful side effects) where the doctor changed the size of the dosage? The quantity of times during the day to take a dose? I had been on meds several times where the doctor "played with the dosage" because he wasn't sure what the proper level was. Nobody has a problem with that!

    Hemp is one of the most versatile plants in the world. In addition to the CBD oil, the seed contains quality albeit incomplete proteins and many other nutrients. They used it in rope making, clothes, and smoked it like cigarettes. In addition, it has been used as paper (The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp, that way, if the Founding Fathers, many who were hemp growers, were caught with it by the British could smoke away the evidence) and is being tested in Europe to replace fiberglass for cars, as well as bricks for homes.

    Hemp got it's bad reputation from publisher William Randolph Hearst, who also had a heavy investment in the timber industry. With hemp being versatile and more dependable than paper and wood products, he sought to protect his investment by getting hemp classified as a narcotic and said it was the same thing as marijuana. Movies of the day like "Reefer Madness" made hemp and pot out to be worse than it really was. Hemp became illegal to use and illegal to grow.

    But, if hemp passed all the studies, the pharmacist here could be out of a job.

  16. A side effect can be stomach pain and increased bleeding risk which I only learned after taking it for about a month and experiencing stomach pain. So probably not a good idea if you’re already on blood thinners (as I am.)

  17. I can't get the video to play at the moment, so I'm reading through the comments. Yeah, I don't think this is the best person to speak on this topic.

  18. Completely unrelated to the video but I was diagnosed with a double disc bulge from L3-L5 and your videos helped a lot in late nights where I couldn't sleep because of the pain. Keep up the great work.

  19. I have taken both cbd and hemp oil, and both relieved my pain from polymyalgia rheumatica and fibromyalgia dramatically.
    Certainly worked better for me than prescriptions which caused significant side effects that I don't tolerate.

  20. I have restless leg syndrome and autism. Both have made getting to sleep hard for me all my life (autism makes me obsessively think about things when I should be asleep). Hemp products totally help me sleep it' like magic.

  21. Interesting. My brother was in the University of Washington Hospital for 6 months waiting for a heart transplant, his kidneys had also failed His wife and I asked about CBD oil for his pain. The doctors flatly answered NO! He was on blood thinners.
    Then a friend of mine who has had a TBI and has multiple seizures daily, her doctors don't even want to discuss that route. Could have something to do with her vagus nerve stimulator.
    My neighbor is a daily smoker of homegrown pot for over 20 yrs. She has paranoia and anxiety so bad she seldom leaves the house . Again she does not use the oil, just smokes it. Sure hasn't helped her anxiety at all but she is calm while smoking:)

  22. Bob, thank you for making this video. Great information.
    The only downside to this was you talking over Chris while he was trying to answer. You were a bit like a cable news host. Obviously, you care about the topic and you wanted to steer the conversation but when you do these interviews (and I hope you do more), please give the interviewee a chance to answer your question.
    Thanks again for all you and Brad give to the community.

  23. Cancer can be cured ONLY with a full extract oil containing THC.. both CBD and THC work hand in hand to target cancerous cells. CBD oil alone is great for everything else. Look up Dr Cristina Sanchez for the facts. PS – the word ‘Marijuana’ was concocted by the US government fascists in order to associate cannabis with Mexicans and to derail its appeal. It’s called Cannabis..

  24. I think it's crazy that a plant is illegal. I live in Scotland and God knows how long it will be before marijuana will be legalised or available on prescription. It is worth paying a bit more to get a quality cbd product. Don't vape though because those things do so much damage to your lungs and they look bloody ridiculous! I think pharmacists are great, I've found them to be more knowledgeable than a Dr on more than one occasion

  25. MHO, Brad & Bob should sit on the same side of the guest. Guest doesn't have to keep turning his head and it doesn't seem like one of the interviewer is left out.

  26. This pharmacist sounds like a wise practitioner. He favors caution over emotional trends. CBD oil, and marijuana, is the Wild West without consistency in purity of the product not to mention the lack of study for long term effects.

  27. You just do not want promote CBD because of the cost it will take away from pharmasiticuals stop it there is nothing wrong with it

  28. CBD is a supplement, not a drug. Using the word “dose” is inappropriate and misleading. Like all supplements, it affects each person differently – the amount taken, frequency and delivery method is individual. Find a reputable CBD company that has purity standards, lab testing and extensive information on the container. This video is a horribly narrow representation of CBD. That being said, thank you for starting the conversation on your channel. 😀

  29. Cbd is not regulated… they add melatonin. I only know that because I tried it and guess what melatonin does for me the same exact thing my CBD oil did. I later did some research and found out they do actually put melatonin in there. The plant is the most natural and safest bet. But no one really wants to help fix anything or fix anyone….it's all about the dollar…. more profitable to keep people sick or injured. That's why they keep it illegal…. and God forbid you actually find a CBD oil that actually works you can't carry your firearm anymore. But people can go around twenty-four hours a day hopped up on prescriptions and mind-altering prescriptions 5 to 10 different ones a day or drink and drive and still carry a firearm. These are doctors, nurses, cops, your mother, your brother your sister your cousin. Doesn't it bother anyone that these professionals could ruin somebody's life in a blink of an eye because of prescription that are literally mind altering….. for pain. I think that's absolutely insane. Fix the issues…get to the root of the matter. Pretty messed up world we live in these days.

  30. IMO, the pharmacist was quite fair in his presentation and didn't seem biased for or against CBD oil. I enjoyed his explanation , even though I would never use CBD oil myself. It's always good to watch Bob and Brad, the two most famous physical therapists on the internet.

  31. 100s of millions of people have taken these drugs for thousands of years. If there was a significant risk of liver failure under standard conditions, I'm pretty sure we would know it at this point.

  32. I took pharmaceutical drugs and ended up finding out I have a heart condition that cause my heart to slow down extremely slow and in which 3 yrs ago, it led to a heart attack. So having to come off most pharmacy drugs, I resorted to CBD oil. However I found it didn’t help with the pain for anymore then 4 hrs at a time and was costing me 300$ a month. So I’m going old school and using videos from your site to manager the pain. Although not 100% effective, it’s still helping, it’ costs nothing and I won’t have a heart attack because I follow these videos.
    so thanks for doing these….!
    ❤️via Edmonton Alberta Canada 🇨🇦

  33. I'm a bit disappointed in this video Given that this is a physical therapy topic, I would have thought the use of CBD for arthritis/joint pain would at least have been mentioned. I could care less about "anxiety syndrome" or the other subjects covered.

  34. All tied in with Pharmaceutical industry, i call bullshit ive done cannabis for 50 years, quit lying 🧚🏽‍♂️yeah, check with yer doctor good advice, fucker (not) dont listen to this crap (remember THEY the drs, ARE part of the MACHINE that is taking us down! I get remotely attacked for this, trust me, they r not on ur side (DISinfo) ⚡️💥THEY R NOT trying to do the best for you, they lie 🤢🤮 DO NOT BE AFRAID OF CANNABIS, fear is their game (FRUIT TOO) doctors lie to you! They will not help after 20 years with SAME DR, is letting me die! MORGELLONS🧡✨⚡️they care nothing about, RSO (rick simpson oil)

  35. I know people who said no doctor prescribed medicine eased their pain. They obtained a CBD oil and they have been pain free. They say you need to be sure to get a water based. Just like prescription drugs, every manufacture isn’t created truly for your health and has risks. You have to research. I have used the lotion and received immediate relief from the Pain resulting from a strained calf that had me using a boot. It also helped my bulging disk pain.

  36. I tried cbd oil, thc in coconut oil-used in edibles like to make cannabis cookies, smoked cannabis and tried a cbd cigarette-for some reason it has opposite effect: I feel nauseous and it’s an appetite suppressant! The only think I can tolerate so I could eat something was some cream! It’s weird. I can’t use that topically or eat it, Injest it. (Or smoke it).😄🤷🏻‍♀️

  37. It's trendy & very expensive to use. Seems like everyone & their mothers are pushing it. Beware of the scammers selling it too.

  38. Good video.
    Essential oils also help for topical pain, anxiety…lots of stuff. A healthy diet & movement helps…as best you can. Keto diet proven for seizures. You need to do your own research. There are multiple answers/modalities that can help us.

  39. What are his products… i’m going to ask my neurologist tomorrow about CBD oil
    I started having seizures again they have me on two seizure medications
    I want to see what he says and recommends.hoping he takes me off of one of the pills or lessens my dose .I have been on for years..Too much brain fog.The other neurologists had me on to much medicine.I have also developed some anxiety I don’t want pills for it.Maybe it would help me with that and not sleeping.

  40. I can personally say that even though I'm not finding pain relief necessarily?? It DOES lower my blood pressure (taking my BP before & after use!….& that DOES show the "proof is in the pudding!) & it calms most of my anxiety attacks for the most part (but can't see "visible proof" like I can with my BP!?)

  41. And I'm sorry, with the majority of these comments being AGAINST pharmaceutical medications….there are definite BENEFITS to some medications, that you cannot find natural remedies for….for 1 example….Neurontin/Gabapentin is a non-narcotic med that works to deaden or relieve "nerve pain" that nothing else gives that level of pain relief for!!!! This includes RSD!!! (The WORST nerve pain there is!! Period!!), other Permanent Nerve Damage that causes extremes nerve pain as well, among many other types….and nothing kills 100% of pain or nerve pain….but when your pain/nerve pain is sooo excruciating that you cannot bear to deal with, it is a HUGE HELP!!!

    But I don't have ALL FAITH in ANY ONE THING….Pharma, Nature, Holistic, etc etc….BUT I DO believe in ALL OF THE ABOVE, for different specifics!!!i

    CBD for anxiety & high blood pressure caused mostly from anxiety, etc….I am 100% sold on also (especially instead of Benzodiazepines!!)

  42. Information considered. Bounced from the THC video to here. Still wanna try CBD over what has been offered to me from the VA.

  43. I am puzzled by the comment that the sweet spot dose was 300 mg. I have a 30 ml bottle of CBD oil and you would have to consume the entire bottle to get as much as 350 mg of CBD. Something is not right here about the 300 mg sweet spot dose mentioned in this video, I think.

  44. Wow. This new video series is so biased. CBD oil has helped me heal my autoimmune disease. I used to love you guys.. Not impressed. 👏

  45. I take CBD from Hempworx and I just got a stent put in and now I’m on Brilinta, which is a blood thinner! Should I be worried? I’ve been taking it since March!

  46. Much needed discussion. Nicely done. We teach Health and Wellness classes to seniors, and this is a hot topic. Thanks, Clark and Cindy

  47. it is not toxic to the liver. That's been proven to be false information. And I have TONS of people finding relief with under 50mg a day. Save your money. Learn more here https://foodsthathealyoucbd.com/videos/

  48. No one has ever overdosed from cannabis (marijuana). Proven uses for cannabis: sleep aid (there is nothing better and has no negative side effects), anti nausea, chronic pain, increases appetite (when illness or treatment makes it difficult), reduces anxiety, improves sex, is a safe alternative to alcohol, makes you happy. Cannabis (marijuana, hemp) cannot be studied extensively or regulated until the federal government makes it legal by removing it from Schedule 1 classification. Cannabis is an amazing plant with a history of use going back 14,000 years. Check out cannabis101.com to learn more about it. If you’re a Boomer you owe it to yourself to check it out. Support Presidential candidates who want to fully legalize it. Bernie 2020

  49. I have just left my pain specialist and After years of oxycodone I now have a script for tilray cbd10 thc10
    This type of medication is super new here in Australia I fact my chemist doesn’t stock it

  50. Its the THC that works the magic with the CBD..Its a banned substance in a lot of countries as it has no bad side effects like big pharma's sh*t they flog to people….Once damaged..you get offered more pills to try and fix what other pills have damaged….Dosage: You only need a grain of rice-sized hemp-oil..(about the size of an average little fingernail) intake once nightly..with indica-strain hemp..resistant to bugs and molds….

  51. i live in canada and smoke cannabis every day so i get high and cbd. i'm 74 and have smoked 50 years. it's great if it's legal. helps me in many ways. if you could grow for free in your back yard we'd be on the right path. i've learnt a lot from your show about posture and sleeping posture and the towel tricks for the neck. i was incapacitated, but i am having my least painful neck day in a month. i can start shooting my bow again training and have mobility. thanks for the back exercises. have fun

  52. I tried CBD oil recently when I injured my arthritic CMC joint. I had a great deal of pain and inflammation. I can only say that the rather expensive brand of CBD oil, only seemed effective while using a heck of a lot more than .03% THC. Other than that, it can’t compete with reliable over the counter pain relievers.

  53. CBD is not a cure all. If there's a company out there saying there's is,RUN. Hempworx has been placed on TINA.org numerous times for making false medical claims and had been warned by the FDA over it. They've said it can cure cancer, autism etc. 🙄.But then again, all MLM companies say their products are superior over others.

    Just don't expect a miracle when taking it. Yes, some have found relief from it, but many others have found it did nothing. Stick to reliable and reputable brands like Blue Bird Botanicals, Green Roads, Lazarus, CBD Distillery and Charlotte's Web. They all do 3rd party testing etc.

  54. I have personally seen a woman who's seizures were so bad and unpredictable, she was virtually home-bound, cbd oil turned her life around. She wasn't told about the liver side effects and after showing her this has decided to talk to her Doctor. She hasn't had a seizure in months which seems to be miraculous in her case. Can't speak for all the rest of it.

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