Catholic Medical Center – Overview

♪ Catholic Medical Center is a place where our mission is about health, hope, and healing. We have had Catholic healthcare in Manchester for over 100 years and that mission and patient-centeredness has lasted for decades. We have many specialties, over 500 physicians; we have over 2,000 employees all working together to provide the best possible care for our patients. We provide a very, very, very high level of care and that’s been recognized both in the state level as well as the national level with awards that we have garnered over the past several years. In fact, we were voted the number one laboratory in the nation just this past year. Quality of CMC is second to none, and we have the high technology to go with it. We have an O-arm for spinal imaging, we have a 3-T MRI. We have a new hybrid operating room which enables cardiac surgeons and cardiologists to provide certain procedures that couldn’t be done as well in a standard operating room or a standard cath lab. We have the DaVinci, we have a lot of modern instrumentation that really focuses on a faster turn-around time but at the same time, not sacrificing the quality, the accuracy, or the precision of the results. And the amount of training that individual workers, in their respective field, goes through is very, very impressive. When we think about quality, we don’t just think about our technology and how well we do it. We think about our care we deliver and the compassion in what we deliver to the experience of each and every patient. I love my job here at CMC, that’s why I stay. I love the people I work with and I love the team that I work with, both the physicians and the nurses. And my job gives me the ability to be the best nurse I can be. Every day is different, it is rewarding, because I get to go home and know that I’ve helped people. CMC is about compassion, respect, treating patients with dignity. I love that. We treat every patient as though they were our family, so that makes a huge difference. Community first, family, and healthcare. In terms of the working environment, you can’t imagine a better place that I would have wanted to be. And actually, this is a great place to live. We’re an hour north of Boston, we’re an hour and a quarter south of the mountains. So for people who like culture and the outdoors, this is just a great place to be. Now is the time to be part of CMC. It’s a very turbulent time in healthcare, but it’s also a very exciting time as we move from volume to value, we are doing it right. This is an exciting time to be part of CMC.

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