Case Study- Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Cherwell really expands the consciousness of IT by being able to track everything that’s going on. It’s our super brain. Dartmouth-Hitchcock is 35 locations throughout New Hampshire and Vermont, providing one of the top notch Norris Cotton Cancer Centers and we provide specialty care through both tele-health and tele-medicine, right on through to infusion suites and inpatient care. The most challenging part of of my job is keeping track of everything that’s going on. Before Cherwell we had a dozen different service management systems in a very siloed information systems environment. And this was coming about as we were looking at implementation of Epic, the Microsoft of electronic health records. Very comprehensive and really spans all of the IT groups. It was clear that these 12 different service management solutions was not going to be able to support this very large Epic implementation. The thing that stood out about Cherwell was its ability to just hook into what we were doing. There isn’t any other product that allows for being able to provide this comprehensive service management solution. HIPAA is one of the more challenging regulations that healthcare has. HIPAA has requirements that you audit who has viewed electronic health information. We know exactly what is connected to the network, how it correlates with Epic, all within Cherwell. And it’s that ability to manage all the relationships that’s extremely important to us. If you have a good idea they’re going to listen. It’s a really exciting relationship.

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