Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Darrell’s story

– My name’s Darrel Allen, but my good friends call me DJ. I knew I wanted to be in a band from the first day I got a guitar. (electric guitar playing) Carpal tunnel for me, was a really insidious kind of a problem. It was gettin’ really difficult
trying to play my guitar. I’m a registered nurse and
I’m an operating room nurse. I met my current wife, who’s
also an operating room nurse. She was the one that really encouraged me to put a rock band together. So my current band is by far the best band that I’ve ever been a
part of on every level. There’s five of us guys and we all just love each other like brothers. (rock music playing) (laughing) In my job of course, it’s so important if you’re handing instruments to a surgeon during a surgery that you have to have that tactile sensation
and the final straw for me was I was getting ready
to hand an instrument to the surgeon and as my
hand reached his hand, I realized that there
was nothing in my hand. And I looked down and I
had dropped an instrument and didn’t even feel it leave my hand. So that was pretty much
the final straw for me that said I need to go and see Dr Canepa and have him evaluate whether I need to get a carpal tunnel
surgery, which in fact I did. – I’m Cliff Canepa, I’m a plastic surgeon and hand surgeon at the Oregon Clinic. I know Darrel from working
in the operating room at St Vincent Hospital. He’s always been a very enthusiastic guy and his hands started to drive him crazy. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a
nerve compression syndrome, meaning that the nerve to the hand is getting pinched in the carpal tunnel. Specifically, it’s actually losing its circulation because there’s
so much pressure in there. The surgery basically
releases the ligament, usually through a small incision here. The ligament gets cut, it pulls open. That makes the carpal tunnel bigger, which makes a little
more space for the nerve, such that when you grab
things or use it or lie flat, then the pressure never gets high enough to cut off the blood
flow to the nerve again and that’s how it’s fixed. (guitar strumming) – It’s amazing, the results
for me were immediate. The very first night after surgery I had entire night’s
sleep for the first time in probably six months, that
I had a full night’s sleep without waking up and
having my hand throbbing. So it’s pretty dramatic. (rock music playing) Whenever we do these shows,
I get butterflies really bad. Once you get a couple of songs in and that energy gets to flowin’
with the rest of the guys in the band and then the
smiles start to break out, you could just tell everybody’s
just really diggin’ it. If I hadn’t had the carpal tunnel surgery, all of this would of been gone. (guitar strumming) Voila. (laughing)

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