Caroline Desroches, PA | North Bridgton Family Practice & Walk-In Clinic and Bridgton Primary Care

My name is Caroline Desroches, I’m a
Physician Assistant at North Bridgton Family Practice and Walk-In Clinic in
Bridgton, Maine. In family practice we see a variety of patients all ages from
infants up to geriatric patients. We see patients for wellness visits, we see them
for acute illnesses and injuries, we also see them for chronic disease management.
I love interacting with children, sort of getting down on their level and
making examining a child a game and something fun so that they’re not scared
to be in the doctor’s office. I am really passionate about lifestyle medicine and
holistic approaches to disease management. I’m really big on preventive
care and treating as conservatively as possible with use of medications when
they’re absolutely necessary. I chose family medicine in order to
interact with a variety of patients. I love seeing children but I also love
seeing the elderly and I like the variety in the day-to-day practice of
family medicine. So I think my health care philosophy is really based on lifestyle
modifications – eating healthy, exercising regularly, getting sleep, and stress
reduction. My husband and I decided to move up here five years ago so that we
could enjoy the outdoors more and the fresh air and get out and be active more.
I love the outdoors, I snowboard, I hike, I ski, I love cooking and I am
part of the community that I serve and I think that’s really important. you

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