Carol Blattspieler, APRN, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation – South Burlington VT, UVM Medical Center

(piano music) – Hi I’m Carol Blattspieler. I’m a nurse practitioner with
an expertise in orthopedics. (piano music) I have a lot of athletic patients and I am a five-time iron man participant, 35 marathons, multiple half
marathons and half iron man. And I would say I’m a
participant with my patients, I’m a friend, I am a peer, I’m an expert, I try to be their equal. I believe in coming in to an exam room, sitting down face to face, and really hearing their story. If they want to hear anything
that I’ve got to offer from my own story, I’m happy to share that but it’s an open
collaborative relationship. And as an athlete, I’ve seen it, done it, or had it, for a lot of the things that I am working with. So that piece is really important, that I can walk the
walk and talk the talk. (piano music) My philosophy of care is to empower every single patient to
understand what’s going on, how to manage their problem, and should it ever reappear, because a lot of things in orthopedics are ongoing that they
have the tools and skill to manage their own problem. I really am guiding my patients. (piano music)

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