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Hi. My name is Carol Barlow, and I’m a
board-certified family nurse practitioner. I work at the Main Street clinic in Marshalltown,
and I joined McFarland Clinic 2019. In family practice, patients can expect to
have routine screening, women health exams, well-child exams, Medicare exams, any kind
of prevention or health and screening. And then also acute care if patients become
ill. A typical visit would be to review their current
health care and then ask them if they have any concerns about their health at that time,
something that I can help them with. And then a full physical examination, and
then a plan of care that would help them with what they need at that time. Probably the most rewarding thing that I
enjoy is building a relationship with somebody and helping them navigate
through health care, which can sometimes be overwhelming. So I really
enjoy building that, building a relationship of trust. Extraordinary Care to me means kind,
careful and complete care with every patient and every encounter. Making patients feel that they matter, that
they feel acknowledged and I that I hear what they’re telling me. And I’m excited to be a part of McFarland
because they really strive to do Extraordinary Care with every patient and
every encounter.

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  1. The University of Iowa College of Nursing is proud that Carol Barlow is one of our alumni and she is providing important health care to her community.

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