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  1. Lea is hot but fact is women don't date people with disabilities or any form of autism that's fact of life.. they would have to "mother him

  2. Dylan Leblanc, the original singer that played on the radio Renegade at the beginning of the video is such an underrated musician. Such a great song to play at a pub ✌

  3. Lea said she didn't want to romantically involved with Shaun. Shaun wants a physical/sexual relationship – Lea said she didn't want that from Shaun. Carly wants both a romantic and a physical relationship with Shaun. The issue isn't Shaun's autism – this is a kind of tone deafness I've seen in a lot of characters on TV and film in relation to having friendships that are too close. Unless one partner acknowledges the ways their behaviour impacts on the other, it will seed jealousy and emotional doubt. My guess is the writers are going to break up Shaun and Carly, then have them navigate a new type of relationship – platonic after the end of romance

  4. Bruhhhh I would say 100 times that Love Isn't about being mushy cheesy stuff at all it is having a person by your side in your worst time Which Lea always provided since first episode. Also given by Shaun's Conditions Carly can't expect him to behave like absolute normal human!

  5. just because a bond is there doesn't mean 2 people can be together. Shaun chose her he knows and lea know they are not good for each other so why make a deal out of nothing, I think Carly made that decision too fast.

  6. I don’t understand Shaun’s strong attachment to Lea. He has Carly(and Claire by some extent) who are loving, there for him, and make attempts to truly understand him, and he wants her!! The girl who constantly runs away, the girl who told him she doesn’t want a strong relationship with him, and the girl who invited another man into their home. She seems like she is using Shaun to me. She knows she has him wrapped around her fingers, and she is just being fake to me

  7. What a bore of these authors. Put something that has nothing to do. That Lea there where it came from? In The original story it didn't even exist. He has a relationship with a co-worker and they broke up together. (in this case Carly 😒).

  8. I haven’t watched this show in a while, but based on all these clips I’ve seen I’m surprised this Carly girl hasn’t just broken up with Shaun by now. This clearly isn’t good for her.

  9. Carly and Shaun broken up, finally. Shaun also lost his virginity now, so that's done too. Maybe now we can stop with all this relationship/sex crap and get back to a proper DOCTOR show which it was was in season 1 and 2, please!

  10. i want shawn and lea together. since carly and shawn broke up at the end of tonight show. i cant wait to monday to find out that lea and shawn are boyfriend and girlfriend. i hope when shawn tell lea how he feel about her i hope she does not hurt his feeling. hope she tell him that she love him

  11. Much respect to Carly for all of her patience and effort. But it’s clear to me – just as it was clear to Carly – that Shaun and Lea just have that extra something.

  12. 5 more episodes left. I thought a Shaun-Lea cliffhanger was coming but apparently the next episode will set the future direction of the show. Very interesting

  13. Download a bunch of Lea and Shaun clips from the past 3 seasons and play them back to back while listening to Tarzan's STRANGERS LIKE ME. Then you'll see exactly why Lea is the one and not Carly. Try it.

  14. Am i the only man in the world that has friends that are women thar I haven't tried to fuck ???

    Guys and girl should be able to be friends without it beung weird.

  15. lea wanted to look at Shawn at the beginning, but lea turned her head the other way but shawn was looking at her. i ship shawn and lea i hope that tell lea that he loves her and she tell shawn she loves him

  16. Why everybody in the comments just saying Carley is jealous when she already admitted that, but let's not pretend like she's not right about Shaun's feelings for Lea. And who in the hell wouldn't me upset their partner is more close & comfortable to their friend then them.

  17. I feel bad for Carly, but I could see that Lea and Shaun loved each other from day 1. They just didnt want to tell each other.

  18. I’m just so scared for the next episode. I know lea isn’t ready for a committed relationship. And I love lea and Shaun’s friendship. They are so cute.

  19. Smt carly deserves better. I hated how ppl hated on her when all she did was try. And ok so what she was jealous of lea almost every girl has been jealous of their bf female friends or exes. Hate how they broke them up. I want them as end game.

  20. Makes me mad cause they were on a double date and having fun.. just because you sing karaoke with your friend doesn’t mean you’re in love with them. Get over yourself Carly. Lea literally shut Sean down season 1 lmfao

  21. Ahh ppl forget that they sang and dance before this is comfort zone for Shaun. Lea and Shaun should not have anything more than a platonic relationship.

  22. After everything Shaun has gone through as a kid and navigating through a complex I'm happy seeing him happy and that's what counts.

  23. Carly was she's lost it even if she's was not jealously to not notice out of hand omg what be mean do with jealous of she's wants be rude girlfriend

  24. When I see Shaun and Lea together I see what a soul mate is. I don't mean that they have to be "together". I mean they have found something in each other that all human beings search for and rarely find… Understanding and acceptance for who each other is; they know each other in a way that goes beyond friendship or love.     No matter what happens it would break my heart if either one of them looses that.

  25. At the beginning, Carly is the person who always cares about Shaun, waits for him to get ready with holding hand, hugging and getting sex.
    But Lea is not like that. She does everything she wants and doen't think for Shaun like Carly does. If Lea and Shaun become a couple, I feel that Lea can hurt Shaun anytime.

  26. 1:49 Lea and Shaun seems to have more onscreen chemistry. Love is irrational. I hope Paige does not leave and remain a cast member. Poor Carly watching from the side and realising what she sees.

  27. This reminds me of the water tank scene is smallville when chloe is laughing at lois and Clair and then clois have the cute hair scruff water spray moment completely obvious to their destiny and chloe is watching and her expression changes as realization hits.

  28. Shaun and Lea's chemistry is just so undeniable that it's hard not to ship them together. Carly's amazing too but I'm all Team Lea

  29. Saw such good potential in this show. A hospital show that was a new episode every week . Now a soap opera that is more drama and can’t miss an episode or won’t know what’s going on . Maybe 10 minutes of hospital/medical theme and then that’s even laced with drama under tones. Just more of the same kind of shows we all ready have. Stopped watching

  30. Loving someone isn't the same thing as being in love with them. And there is a big difference between feelings and the work it takes to be in a relationship, especially one in which one of the partners is neurotypical and the other is autistic. Shaun needs supports in his life. In his case, that's his co-workers at the hospital and Lea at home. Carly isn't really part of that – she's something a little separate, extra and negotiated. So, obviously, he's more physically comfortable with Lea. Lea has a definite role in Shaun's life, but if he were a real-life person wouldn't be good for him as a girlfriend. There is a lot involved with an NT being in a relationship with someone who is autistic and we got to see that through Carly. For example, if amazing, spontaneous sex is super important to Lea, that's probably NEVER going to happen with Shaun because of his sensory issues. Carly was willing to deal with that. Is Lea? There are a thousand other such issues (for neurotypicals) with Shaun. This isn't like the usual ship where all that's needed is some declaration of love. Getting involved with Shaun, even just sleeping with him, requires so much more of a neurotypical partner.

  31. I don't want shaun to marry Lea. she rubs many boyfriends on her face, leaves and returns whenever she wants. Meanwhile Carly, she has always been with him, she had patience, and teaches him to have more contact with people and he loves him just like that.

  32. i feel sorry for Carly but Shaun and Lea belong together. For me they looks more happy and Lea really understand Shaun more than Carly. Sorry Carly

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