Carly Griffin, Nurse Practitioner

– My name is Carly Griffin. I’m a nurse practitioner
at the Oregon Clinic Pulmonology, Critical Care
& Sleep Medicine Clinic. I feel like what drew me to medicine is not only the falling
in love with the science, but there was a lot of
caring for other people. My mother was really into social justice and taking us to homeless
shelters to volunteer and sort of caring for
people in vulnerable states. So I think that the medicine was a merging of those two values, I guess. My philosophy of care,
as I think about it, is really addressing
the patient as a whole and meeting them where they’re at. I am there to facilitate
their journey towards health, whatever that means to them. So I think that education has
a huge roll to play in that. So I focus on explaining things to make the patient understand, you know, where I’m coming from so that we can come up
with a plan together. And we’re both very well-informed about where we’re starting
and where we’re going and what we want out of it. I don’t think I have one particular story that makes me think that
this is what I do what I do. I actually have found since working here I do a lot of sleep medicine
and treating sleep apnea. It’s really great to
have people coming back and seeing that even
the small thing to them is completely life-changing
and completely changes the way that they feel every single day. And that is what I do it for, is to help them realize how much better they could be feeling
and help them get there. When I’m not working
I spend a lot of time, primarily now it’s chasing
around my three-year-old. But I also really like
to get out and garden. I like to do a lot of home repair and work on construction-type things. So that’s usually what I’m doing.

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