Hey guys, I am Mary Frey from The Frey Life I just wanted to show you guys how I take care of my service dog while I am in the hospital So, I bring his working gear like I normally would when he’s working anywhere I leave his harness on most of the day and then in the evening, or at night when we’re winding down I’ll take his harness off and he can go without it I also bring his food, of course bowls for food and water some special treats and a bone or an antler to chew on because he’s gonna need to be occupied sometimes and get some energy out and be a dog just like he is at home and then last time I was in the hospital I brought his bed from home and I just put that in a suitcase and zipped it up and when we got here it popped right out but this time I decided I wanted to pack really light so I decided I would just use a towel or one of the blankets or something here and they happen to have an extra cushion on our bench so we just put that on the floor and put a blanket on top and it has been a wonderful bed for little Ollie Boy Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce him if you’re new around here this is Oliver James Hi Ollie Because I am a Cystic Fibrosis patient for my safety and the safety of other patients I am not allowed out of my room and that is for germ precautions because of that, I can’t take Oliver to go out to the bathroom so my husband takes him out every day and that is wonderful because he can get some exercise and go the bathroom and get some fresh air When they come in from the outside we can wash his feet, either in the bathtub or we could use one of those pink buckets they give you when you come in the hospital and I like to just…I like to let him get in the bath and wash his feet and he also enjoys getting in the bath so it’s kind of fun for him to take a break from working for a few minutes and it will get all the germs off of him and he’ll be clean and fresh and lastly even though it’s a completely different building than we’re normally in and it’s a completely different bed and a different scenario we do what we always do which is: we’re together and he comes and snuggles with me and we act like it’s normal life so I am just so thankful that I have him and it’s been funny because when I get…when the physical therapists come in part of CF treatment is they do chest physical therapy so they’re like basically pounding on my lungs and they tilt my bed so my head is going downward and he’ll either be at my feet or laying right next to me and he doesn’t mind at all that the bed is like we’re sliding off the mountain he doesn’t mind at all and I’m just so thankful for him If you’re interested to find out more about why I have a service dog or anything else about Oliver we have a whole video that you can go watch and it is our “Service Dog Q&A” video so, that’s how we do it in the hospital I hope it was helpful and educational (beep) (laughs) (beep) Hey guys! I….no I take his harness off and he just goes with us for… (beep) what? (beep) (laughs) this is going well (laughs) (beep) (sings) Oh, Ollie Boy, people think you’re such a toy but I’m telling you, he’s a real dog a really real dog Oh Ollie Boy, you bring us so much joy our furry little carpet, our snuggle shag rug when you have to go pee, you make sure that I can see you alert the door so persistently oh gee Oh Ollie Boy, please obey me, don’t be coy if you obey then you’ll hear me say…good boy! good boy!


  1. I love how you are so upbeat and happy even when in the hospital. My brother is the same way. He thinks its a five star hotel where he can get all the nurses to take care of him.

  2. Aw Ollie is so cute! I have a pet Goldendoodle who looks just like him, I think poodles/doodles are wonderful dogs. I hope you feel a bit better soon too Mary! I have a chronic illness too (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 3) and I always look forward to Frey Life videos, they always make me smile. Seeing someone else with a chronic illness being so awesome really makes me feel better! Thank you <3

  3. "…he just goes with…his fur. What?!" Loved the whole thing, but loved that part most! I'm glad you and Oliver have each other! You all share so much joy!

  4. Ollie just goes with the flow! He is Awesome! Love you all (Mary, Peter & Ollie)! Mary have you been able to do any Hospital Pranks yet?

  5. How adorable is that!!! I do have a question though. In the winter time the hospitals in my neighbourhood where I'm admitted generally salt their walkways to avoid people slipping on the ice. Would it be a lot easier to to put booties on Ollie when he goes out. That way salt won't get into the pads of his feet and you can take them off before entering to avoid the germs. In reasoning it would also eliminate the washing of his paws and avoid drying them out. We use to do that with my dog and it worked like a charm. Hope you feel better real soon!!!

  6. I know when I am in the hospital its stressful overwhelming at times losing that control of managing the everyday things of your health. So having Zaya with me makes it some what normal I still have to feed her when I can take her out to go potty and some playtime and cuddling with her at night. Zaya is great therapy not just for me but for the nurses and doctors. So many times a nurses having a bad day will come in and get some Zaya therapy and feel so much better ready to take on cranky demanding patients on the unit.Its so funny when the nurses know I am coming they go and buy treats for Zaya and the fight over who's treats Zaya likes the best.

  7. Hey! Could you do a video about what does a service dog actually do. And when is it on "service mode" and does it know it? Thank you☺️

  8. Oh Ollie boy, you are such a joy! 🙂 I love it when you sing his song. so cute!! He is such a buddy! I love you guys so much!
    Love and hugs to you, see you tomorrow!

  9. This is such a great video, Mary!! I love when you sing your Ollie Boy song. My husband & I are beginning the process of getting me a service dog (ironically, we're looking for a standard poodle due to my husband's severe allergies.) Thank you so much for sharing your awesome Vlogs & bringing so much joy to others!! Thought about you yesterday when I got the panda bear toy in my Yowie egg as my reaction was so much like when you got your Kinder kangaroo lol!! Take care & see you tomorrow. Love you guys!!

  10. No doubt he's had a ton of training and kudos to breeder, his breeder obviously breeds for temperament. What an awesome fur pal he is. Love your song Mary. p.s. use your mask when grooming him and save those lungs (yep said it again!) I groom too and those hair shards are very bad for the lungs.

  11. Just catching up with you after the Christmas business and prolonged sickness. Seeing you with Ollie has reconfirmed the need for us to put in the paperwork for our son who would benefit enormously from an assistance dog. You guys rock xx

  12. YAYYYY!!! We finally get to hear the entire Ollie Boy song! 🎶It's beautiful and this video was beautiful! Love how he just melts when you sing to him:). We ❤️ you 3❗️

  13. I trained guide dogs for several years – we had one that failed the program so we got to keep her since no other organizations needed her at the time. She's now 9 and my best friend and she is my service dogs for my anxiety. If I am having a panic attack or anxiety attack she's right there for me to hug, and she helps with my depression and she can sense when I'm really upset or feeling horrible and will just come lay with me. I think service dogs are a gift I'm glad they have organizations for so many different things- and they tend to be such great dogs.

  14. You are such a wonderful woman. God bless your heart. I love Ollie! You also lucked out in the husband department. So much love…

  15. Just found this video on Your channel You guys are so cute love how positive you are even in the hospital Ollie is so cute Mary loved the song You sang to Ollie

  16. Beautiful dog, that fur. Interesting to get to know more about cystic fibrosis and service dogs from someone with real experience.

  17. My service dog Happy rings a bell that I have hanging on the door knob whenever he needs to go outside. I just take that with me when I'll be spending time at the hospital or friends/family house. Our local hospital has a rule that I can only keep him with me in the room if someone else is there with us to take care of him when needed.

  18. I think that you and your family are amazing. I just found your site on YouTube today but i have fallen in love with you, your husband and of course, Oliver James.

  19. I am loving your channel very informational I was born with scids which lead to having pneumonia and other sicknesses quite often which lead to damaging my lungs pretty badly so now at 17 I have copd and am being treated pretty much like a cf patient because of the severe damage to my lungs so I understand a lot of what your going through also does having Oliver at the hospital when your admitted help I can only imagine it does I wish the hospitals aloud pets to stay with their owners when they have to stay over a week ik how much my chihuahua helps me at home I can only imagine he would help me 10x as much at the hospital I understand their reasons just wish it could be different anyways keep up the great vids I also think this is the longest YouTube comment I've ever wrote lol

  20. i have a second handler whom has help when I had to do five different surgical procedure over last two months. total agree with daily care of his feet, daily routines of care. Plus, all the doctors, nurses adore how well Bandit behaved while in same room as procedure being done, before, odd sounds of machines during procedure but faithfully remain with second handler in designated area of the same room.

  21. I usually end up in Hospital for Grand Mals and I can have more then one. So my mom takes my service dog outside when I'm there.

  22. My service dog wasn't allowed to stay with me after I had surgery. I have KLS and Behçet's Disease. Jupiter (my service dog) is trained to assist me with mobility during flares, but also to prevent something from happening to me while I'm unresponsive. There were concerns he could potentially prevent staff from assisting me if I needed it. I want to be clear, he is not vicious in anyway, but if I were to be out in public and go to sleep, he would prevent someone who isn't a first responder from touching me. I live in a large city and it's entirely possible someone could harm me, especially when I'm disoriented when waking up or confused and sleepy. I do take him everywhere, including doctors appointments. I luckily haven't needed long term hospitalizations in quite sometime. Best wishes to you and Ollie.

  23. Such a sweetie! I'm sure he helps you feel better in so many ways. Dogs help our mental and physical health. Love you Ollie!!

  24. We have a Poodle named Peanut Butter Fudge. I want him trained as a service dog for myself. We call his Mama a walking carpet. Hehe

  25. Wow your so lucky to take your service dog in the hospital where you are you can't do that In the uk I have to get friends and family to look after maui

  26. I do the same thing with my service dog. She is awesome when I am in the hospital. This past time I was admitted she went home at night with my husband and just because I was so sick. But usually Jim my hubby stays with me and takes Lila out for me. This past time they were on the fence about admitting me when Lila alerted that my airway was too comprimised. She really is amazing. She cant detect all sorts of things and even picks up on my asthma and autonomic neurologic stuff including narcolepsy. Having an angel like we do in our service dogs is a huge blessing. Im so glad you have your Ollie and I have my Lila. God Bless and good luck with your surgery

  27. You are lucky to be able to have Oliver in the hospital. I wish I could b e so lucky. It is the policy of University of Colorado Health to send service dogs to the pound now. It is ugly.
    I have gone to Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins and they have tried to send my service dog Ruthie to the pound.
    On the last go-round at PVH they took Ruthie away before I was out of the ambulance.
    University of Colorado Health took my baby girl Ruthie without asking! Ruthie was gone for over an hour.
    PVH Hospital staff kept telling me Ruthie was on a walk with Security The nurses told me Hospital Security had Ruthie because they needed to find out if Ruthie could be in the hospital. Ruthie is a VERY well trained, Federally protected service dog.Security already knew that
    Everyone at PVH knows Ruthie. Ruthie is like a celebrity. Ruthie is one of the most loved dogs in Fort Collins. Ruthie could be mayor.

  28. Wow your hospital has a tube mines only have a shower i am in the hospital now for sickle cell disease. I love the song at the end love you guys you inspire me so much

  29. I don't mean to be obtuse but, why would you need a service dog in the hospital? Especially since you can't leave the hospital? I've left many comments before but, I've never received a message back. But, this is a question, I don't believe I've seen this answer? I know I just you've entered this hospital today and I've kept you in my prayers. 11/13/2017

  30. I'mma about to get a service dog sooooo very soon. I'm epileptic. I have a history of 'mysteriously' finding myself in an ambulance 😉 . This has been very helpful. Have any other tips for when you go to the hospital on 'surprise'?

  31. I love the way our fur babies look as us when we sing to them. It's like a mix between "please stop, you are so wierd" and "mommy is paying attention to me". Only in my case I have a cat so it is way more "you are so wierd".

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