Carilion Clinic’s Bariatric Surgery Program

Bariatric surgery at Carilion is a
comprehensive approach where we use a large team of clinicians to treat the
patient in a global fashion every patient is an individual we understand
that each patient story is different and we use this approach to individualize
each patient’s treatment we have a large team here which is composed of myself
and two other bariatric weight loss surgeons as well as a full host of
nurses exercise physiologist dietitians and psychologists we use this approach
to treat the entire metabolic picture of a patient to make sure that all of the
healthcare issues that are involved in weight gain and weight loss medicine are
cared for who performed weight loss surgery and a minimally invasive route
which means without incision candidacy for weight loss surgery is based on the
patient’s body mass index the body mass index is simply a measure of body
surface area the candidacy for bariatric surgery is a BMI of greater than 35 with
one major comorbid condition or a BMI of 40 with no major comorbid conditions for
patients that are interested in bariatric surgery or weight loss
medicine or for their physicians who are interested in referring their patients
to bariatric surgery or weight loss medicine please feel free to contact
Carilion Clinic for a free informational session where we describe every detail
in facet of bariatric surgery from beginning to end

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