CARF-Accredited Brain Injury Program | Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital

Hi, my name’s Carol Ann Bruin. I’m one of the physical therapists here at
Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital. Brain injury is the second leading cause of
disability in the U.S, costing more than $76.5 billion to treat annually. The severity of symptoms that can come
post-brain injury are very wide, and they can vary from person to person, which is why it’s so important to have an interdisciplinary team create a specialized plan of care. As a CARF accredited brain injury rehabilitation facility, here at Gateway we frequently see patients with acquired or traumatic brain injuries with a goal of returning them to their prior level of function. In conjunction with nursing, the medical doctor,
pharmacy, dietary, and respiratory therapy, the therapy team will create a specialized
plan of care that meets our patient’s needs and their specific deficits. In therapy we focus on improving independence
of coordination, strength, gait, stair climbing, getting dressed, getting in and out of bed, toileting, bathing, memory, cognition,
speech, emotional regulation, and any other need that the patient has
to be able to return home. We have a team of physical therapists, occupational
therapists, and speech therapists, four of which are certified brain injury specialists, and we have another group of therapists that are going through the certification process
in the near future. This helps us make sure that we’re providing the most up-to-date and research-validated care that we can. The other thing that puts Gateway ahead of
some other facilities is that we have private rooms, which allows our staff to decide what
type of stimulation and the amount of stimulation
that’s provided to these patients, which will help decrease some of the behavioral issues that can come with overstimulating brain
injury patients. Another thing that we use frequently is our
body weight support system, which helps maintain our safety, but also the patient’s safety
as we progress through their care. If you or a family member have had a brain injury, feel free to call us or talk to your case manager about getting a referral to the facility. Please let us know if there’s anything that
we can do to help, and I really appreciate you listening.

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