Caregiver profile: Travis Matheney, MD | Boston Children’s Hospital

Put your legs straight up in the air
for me. Hold it up real strong don’t let me push down. You tell me if anything hurts. I was one of those kids who always said he wanted to be a doctor, but I think honestly you don’t really figure it out until you get a chance to hang out with
somebody and see it. I came into medical school thinking I’d do a combination of internal medicine and pediatrics. And then a good friend of mine said
you have to try orthopedics, you have to at least give it a shot. I end up doing that rotation and it was just,
it sort of clicked I liked the surgical nature of it,
I liked the types of cases I like to work with kids. Everything that they are is on
their sleeve, and their want to get better all the time is really inspiring. So I sort of headed down that path. I’m Travis Matheney
and I’m an orthopedic surgeon at
Boston Children’s Hospital. The majority of my practice is hip reconstruction of some variety. We don’t do hip replacements and take the joints apart and put in metal and plastic, we try to make it so that
people can keep their own hip joint. I always liked the hip surgery Its a really kind of a cool joint
when you look at it. Biomechanically the anatomy and 3D is challenging, so it’s something you have to think about a lot,
to wrap your head around, when I can help somebody
else understand why their hip is going wrong, and you can really change
somebody’s life, you can get them up and walking again, that’s really kind of cool to me. How’s your leg feeling? Any pain at all? Fevers, chills, anything like that?
No. Okay, how’s the incision doing?
It feels normal. I love my job. It’s a lot of work, it’s some stress in
there also from time to time. You gotta be invested in it,
you got to want it. And if you want it, you love the job
then it’s easy to come to work. You develop a relationship
not only with the family and the patient but also with your coworkers. I enjoy that part of it where you can all come together as a team and
do this great job for the kid

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