Caregiver profile: Samuel Nurko, MD, MPH | Boston Children’s Hospital

How are you feeling, strong or not strong? Strong.
He looks pretty good. Did he finish school? Yeah. He’s in physical therapy
so we’re almost done with that. Okay. He’s focused in class, focused in school, he’s not in pain all day at school so that’s awesome. Since I was very young I always wanted to help people. And I thought that one of the ways to help people
was to participate in medicine I became a pediatrician because children offered a unique opportunity
to watch how things develop, and you see how from little babies
they become independent adults. It’s very rewarding. I didn’t have it correctly. Like this? That’s better. And if I do it like this?
“He does his homework” That’s my homework – perfect. My name is Dr. Samuel Nurko, I am the director of the Center for Motility
and Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders at Boston Children’s Hospital. As you can see here, we’re trying to see where we’re gonna
get all these responses. Every red thing is a contraction. I hope to see these type of contractions that
are gonna go all the way down. Yeah. Every patient presents with unique differences. Motility starts from the mouth
and goes all the way down to the anal canal so everything that
happens in between in the movement is affected when something is not going right. People are always coming here to get an answer,
why do I have pain? When the pain has become the illness. We wanted to tell you what we think, Shelby. And you’ve been through a lot, and we care a lot about you, but you’re not a mystery to us. We see a lot of patients like you. In general pain is something that signals to the body that something is not right. We need to address what are the triggers and
how can we really rehab the pain. You’ve done an awesome job, trying to cope with everything and controlling everything so you should be very proud of what you’re doing. We try to treat them as children understanding that they are gonna go through stressful things, and that includes their families too. I do a lot of patient care but I do a lot of research. For me research is a way to us simple questions: Why do we do this? What’s the evidence? The big picture is you want kids to get better. This is good right? You’ve come a long way.
I think you should be very proud. Do you feel like a normal kid? Yeah. It’s impossible as a physician to describe to you what it means when a child
comes to you and says thank you. That has no price. I wake up every day and I’m very happy
and delighted to come to work

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  1. Be aware this hospital has engaged in medical kidnapping. See:

  2. dr nurko thankyou.for making annabel beam healthy again! i wish i meet you in real life but im from the philippines 🙁

  3. nunca ha tenido un caso igual,así le dijo a mi sobrina que no puede curar,no hay alguien en el mundo que pueda ayudar? mi tel es 8712125232 ahorita están en boston gracias

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