Caregiver Profile: Rima Fawaz, MD | Boston Children’s Hospital

Ok, can you open your mouth? Tongue out. I’ve always wanted to be a physician. I think medicine is amazing. You learn something every day. Every patient is different. All pediatricians go into medicine to help patients to improve their quality of life. And once patients are referred to us, they have the hope of a better life. And it’s pretty impressive how you can give them a second chance. I’m Rima Fawaz, and I’m the Medical Director of the Multivisceral and Intestinal Transplant Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. So we’re gonna give you a new medication to help produce more red blood cells which give you more energy and makes you feel better, okey? Multivisceral transplant is when we transplant organs and en bloc meaning multi-organ involvement. We’ve had multiple occasions when we have patients referred for transplant and when we evaluate the patients and look at them with fresh set of eyes, we actually feel they would benefit from more medical therapy, and we don’t do the transplant. We take a great pride of that. His eGFR is about 45 mls per minute, and some of these medicine would need to be adjusted if this really is his new baseline. What makes Boston Children’s Hospital unique is that we have very strong teams that work together, and it enables us to manage these patients differently. Sometimes you have big transplant centers, but you don’t have the infrastructure for everything else. Boston Children’s is unique in that we have transplantation, but we have everything before that, well-developed and well-founded. It’s amazing. Can you take deep breath? Okay, again. One of my amazing moments as a physician is I think when I call patients in. That’s the moment they’ve been waiting for, and it’s always a mixed emotion. It’s so exciting but it’s also very humbling because somebody has to be generous enough to be able to give this great gift. But there’s the sense of hope, of expectation for a better life. That’s why we all do what we do.

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