Caregiver profile: Peter Waters, MD | Boston Children’s Hospital

So now you start to come across the
first thing that’s actually a very positive here is that that lunate looks very good and that scapholunate interval is also very good right, not a lot of synovitis. My journey into medicine was not fully planned. I originally thought I was going to teach english
at a small New England college or university. At the end of college
I started to take pre-medical classes and one of my mentors in the English department actually advised me to look more
seriously at medicine. I’m really happy with what I ended up doing, it’s been a perfect fit for me. I’m Peter Waters, Chief of the Orthopedic Surgery department here at Boston Children’s Hospital. Turn your palm all the way up for me. When I bend your elbow, does that bother you? The orthopedic program is really organized into teams, and I take care of kids who have hand
and upper extremity problems. The hand is quite fascinating. If you look at evolution, the interface between human brain development and hand development is very interconnected. With children, that’s how they learn, that’s how they explore the world. At Boston Children’s, our entire system, and all of our people, are geared to take care of children. From the emotions of handling
the children and the families, and supporting them, to the people, equipment, facilities. That really enables us to take on pretty significant problems safely, and have the best outcomes for the kids. Functionally, she’s doing much better. She can now brush her hair with her hand. She even does it in a ponytail, by herself. Seriously? You want to show him your other good trick? My favorite moment is when the child comes in excited to be there, to see us. Because that means that what
we did actually changed their life. You know, help somebody who was born without a thumb, have a thumb, or help somebody who’s had an injury get their hand back functional. Those are the best moments.

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