Caregiver profile: Karen Horn, RN | Boston Children’s Hospital

I had the same color. That’s right,
you had the same one when she stayed here. We’re just gonna take your little brother’s line out. He’s on his way to healing and
he’ll be home before we know it. I got into nursing when I was a junior in high school. I loved sciences and I like to care for other people. My biology teacher was also a nurse. She let me shadow her, and once I saw the effects she had on the patients, I’m like this is something I definitely want to do. My name is Karen Horn. I am a nurse at the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
at Boston Children’s Hospital. He’s improving more. So now that he’s better
we can get back on track. It’s really hard being here for four months. And trying to be here every day and trying to function. He’s a good boy though, he’s a really good boy. Working in the Cardiac Unit at Children’s, you’re caring for not just the patient, it’s the families. What makes it great to work in
our Cardiac Unit and in the Heart Center is honestly the people. You get the best and the brightest. From the AA that welcomes you in our unit, through the nurses, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, We are just a very close group. We’re like a family. Have you been practicing?
Yeah. How many balls can you get up?
I can get up three. I can get it up, All three?
Yeah. today. Okay. Oh! That was good. You need to get out of here. You’re too healthy for here. I love the patients and families. When people are asking me, why do you love it? It is the families and people you meet. Watching the transition from the first day I’m with them, and then seeing them talking to you and then walking. I can’t see myself anywhere else.

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