Caregiver profile: Ingrid Ganske, MD | Boston Children’s Hospital

Hold both your hands out like this for me. Does it feel normal? Yes. I went to school and studied architecture and actually worked in that field for a couple of years, but a lot of it is done on computers now, which was not the sort of job I was looking for. I like to be hands-on and like to
have a lot of interaction with people. I gravitated towards medicine because I had many people in my family in medicine. and I like being a plastic surgeon for much of the
same reasons I like architecture. You get to really look deeply at a problem, try to figure out how you’re going
to structurally address it, and then you get to see the results
of your work. I’m Ingrid Ganske,
I’m a plastic surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital. They were on a bike trail, and he went to take a turn and wiped out. And so he had a couple little cuts right?
Can I take a close look at you? A lot of people think of the field of
plastic surgery as cosmetic surgery, but plastic surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital is constructive and reconstructive. We help children who are born
with congenital deformities, who may be missing ears or
have cleft lip and palate. Other situations are a trauma, something that requires a reconstruction. We’re really trying to get all
children to a point where they look and feel normal. Any time I’m operating on a young child, I think about what the long-term implications are
gonna be of every move that I make. You have to make sure that things
line up perfectly for that child. Scars just a little bit thick still. Pretty normal for this time point, but it’s still worth it to do the scar massage.
Yeah. Are you doing it?
Mm. Yeah? Every time I see a patient come into my office
after a procedure it’s like, unwrapping a gift. You get to see what the results of your work were, you get to see how the patients doing, you get to see how well they’re recovering and, it’s a great moment for them and their families.

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  1. i'm andrew parker i'm one of dr ganske's patient. i have become more amazing. dr ganske is so amazing. i am amazing because of her.

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