Caregiver profile: Erin McNamara, MD, MPH | Boston Children’s Hospital

We’re going to just go over the permission
slip for what we’re going to be doing today like we had talked about before. Once he’s asleep we make the
small incision in the groin. As far back as I remember I wanted to be a doctor. I didn’t really know what kind of doctor. I like working with my hands, I like
being able to see a problem, come up with a solution and fix it right there. So I think surgery was a natural fit. When I started medical school I chose urology, and then during my residency I really enjoyed working with kids. I also enjoyed working with the families
and putting them at ease. I’m Erin McNamara, I’m a pediatric urologist
here at Boston Children’s Hospital. There was some concern for some hydronephrosis from an outside ultrasound so that’s why we went ahead
and got an ultrasound here. Is she taking anything? No. The Department of Urology here is
the largest in the country, and for that reason people come here
from all over the world, from all over the country, and then also from right around here in Boston. In my typical week I usually have
about two days of clinics, so I see patients with a range
of different urologic issues. Sometimes we have to talk about surgical intervention, other times it’s more about management and follow-up. Usually one or two days during the week
I’m in the operating room doing different urologic procedures, and then one of my days I spend doing research, and I focus on healthcare transition
for some of our spina bifida patients. One thing that’s really unique about Boston Children’s
is that we have decades of experience. You’re never going to find a problem
that someone hasn’t already seen, and I think that makes the whole experience
for the families different as well, and they can expect to come here and have the best. The main part of the kidney looks healthy
and there’s no dilation at all. The radiologist looked at it and
said everything was completely normal. Okay great. When a patient comes back after having surgery, seeing them happy and
participating in all of their normal activities, and just getting back to life is a really great part of my job.

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