Caregiver profile: Donald S. Bae, MD | Boston Children’s Hospital

Okay, ready? Arms out and up all the way, up, up, up, up! Good. And here, Oh my gosh, you’re so good. My interest in orthopedics was first
born from an injury I had as a younger athlete, both in high school and college. I had surgery on my shoulders, was cared for by some great providers, and appreciated not only the
impact of musculoskeletal injury, but also some of the interventions
that orthopedists can provide and how powerful that could be, particularly for young people. I got to know a little bit more about
Orthopedics of course during medical school, and I was sold. There was no going back, I knew– I’d found my calling. My name is Donald Bae and I’m an Orthopedic
Surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital. So that’s you. That’s your right wrist and part of this bone, which is called the
radius bone, was shaped a little different. The orthopedic department at
Boston Children’s Hospital is a center of incredibly talented, and
dedicated orthopedic specialists. I’m one of the physicians that help care for
conditions of the hand and upper limb primarily. So you take a child who wasn’t able to
hold a pencil and write or grasp a cup, or even think about participating in sports. The interventions that we can offer or the things that we can provide can really make profound changes in their normal
growth and development. Children who are born with neuromuscular differences, where we can help with better positioning of a limb. Repositioning the hand for some,
means the difference between being able to drive their wheelchair or not. or being able to walk with a walker or crutches, or to interact with a communication or learning device. And then if you take other kids who have sporting injuries, being able to get a high school athlete or college athlete back with their team, back invested
in things that they need to feel fulfilled and be successful. I think that can be in many ways equally powerful. As you probably can tell, I kind of feel like I got the best job in the world. Being able to give them that functionality which allows them to grow and develop in the way they should, is something that’s very fulfilling.

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