Caregiver profile: Dennis Kramer, MD | Boston Children’s Hospital

Sports was always so important in my life. I went to Princeton and got to play for a three-time national championship lacrosse team, which was just an awesome experience. I’ll never forget my teammates,
I’ll never forget the coaches, and physicians and trainers through the years. It really was a powerful experience. I was drawn to sports medicine,
really feeling a kinship there. You can’t tell an athlete they can’t play sports. You have to give them ways that they can. I’m Dennis Kramer and I’m an orthopedic
surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital. And so Megan has a loose shoulder and maybe a little tear on the top. I’m gonna do a medium to big tightening in the front, and a small to medium tightening in the back, and then repair anything while we’re in there to make your shoulder feel tighter,
more stable, and in less pain. Sports Medicine at Boston Children’s is
the only clinic like it in the country. We have orthopedic surgeons trained
to operate on different joints. We have primary care sports medicine physicians, who specialize in concussion,
patellofemoral pain, lower back issues. We also have athletic trainers, physical
therapists, physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners. And it really is
a complete team approach. That’s stable, feels good. I get you to about 45 degrees, so that’s pretty good. My favorite moments are seeing the patient’s 3 months after surgery or 6 months after surgery, where they’ve gotten to where they need to get
to and they’re excited to return to sports. And I’m feeling confident in their recovery
and in helping them push forward. The goal for me when I see patients, is to get them to participate in
the sport they love without pain, at the highest level that they can. And getting the patients to be able to
do that brings me the most joy.

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