Caregiver profile: Caleb Nelson, MD, MPH | Boston Children’s Hospital

That’s a nice toy you have. Did you get that here? I knew from a young age that I really like science. I did a lot of science in laboratories. But I also wanted to do something
very practical and hands-on. Turning science and using it to help others. And medicine of course is the ultimate way to do that. The personal side of medicine, the relationships, and the fun of interacting
with kids, and watching them get better, that’s something that never gets old. Ahn, we’ll see you later, okay? Alright, we’ll see you next time? Mother: Thank you! Alright, bye-bye! I’m Caleb Nelson. I’m a Pediatric Urologist at Boston Children’s Hospital. How ya doing? Good to see you, good to see you. Hi buddy, how are you? So usually, the main issue afterwards
is just taking care of the skin. Other than that, they tend to get
back to normal pretty quickly. It’s very difficult to be a parent who has
a child who needs a surgical procedure, or needs some kind of treatment. It’s nerve-racking and you don’t know what to expect. When I was a urology resident, I had a kid of my own. Obviously having a baby is always
a pretty life-changing experience, but for me professionally, it
really opened my eyes as well, because there’s nothing like
actually having your own child, to make you understand
what families are going through. So the CD does not show anything, that’s really good. I see a lot of kids your age group
who have these kind of problems, and we often see a lot of improvement. At Boston Children’s we have
a large urology department, the biggest in the world, and
everyone here is experienced, and lives the job of taking care of these kids. It’s very different from adult care, kids are not just little adults. They’re completely different biologically, and so it’s really crucial to understand in depth, on how to get the kid through those procedures. Part of the enjoyment you get from urology is that, you get to manage their conditions
medically both before and after surgery, or even if they never need a surgery, you establish relationships with these families, they come back year, after year, after year. So, it’s fun.

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