Caregiver profile: Benton Heyworth, MD | Boston Children’s Hospital

How straight can you make this elbow? Um, I can flatten it out a little bit more. Uh huh. And how much can you flex it? I was always interested in science
and medicine growing up, there was also the human component of medicine that drew me in. To take somebody who was really out of commission with a major injury, and do a repair or reconstruction to be able to get them back to the
highest levels of activity was particularly compelling. I’m Ben Hayworth,
an orthopedic surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital. Hey there, how are you?
Hi, good how are you? Good to see you. How’s it going? Good to see ya. So, you’ve been working hard at PT.
What have you been doing? A lot of the conditions that we see affect younger patients in similar ways to adults, but the care that we need to give
or the techniques that we use are unique to that younger population. We’ve developed these techniques
and studied them through research to make sure that we’re
respecting the continued growth of a child while still maximizing the activity and recovery. All right, so that right side we did an MRI for in April. I’m trained in adult sports
medicine as well as pediatric orthopedics. I see a lot of young adults and college athletes with sports medicine conditions or injuries, and to see these amazing athletes return to sports, it’s extremely rewarding. The orthopedic center here is filled with people who are
just a really dedicated group of individuals. From the orthopedic colleagues and
attending surgeons that I work with, down to the people who work at the front desk. We all love and are dedicated to
caring for kids. I certainly appreciate everybody that’s
part of the team

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