Care In Hospital Maternity at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The triage system at our hospital is
available to all pregnant women. It’s a system where they contact us by
phone in the first instance and then we decide
how best to deal with their problem and point them in the right direction
or see them in the triage rooms. Once we’ve asked women
to come into the triage area depending on their condition they could
be seen solely by a midwife and then sent on their
way or, if need be, if there’s more complex problems they’d be seen by
either an Obstetrician or an Advanced Midwife Practitioner. The Induction of Labour Bay has four individual beds and women will have an
appointment to come in for their induction with their partner. The
process for induction can take anything from five hours to 24-hours, it’s quite an unpredictable process for women and
their partners. There’s a Midwife there who will support them
through that time and the partner can stay for the period of their induction. Women who are being
induced aren’t necessarily placed in a high-risk category and
depending on how things pan out for them they will be
transferred to the Labour Ward high-risk areas, or they could go to Midwife-led
Unit to have their baby. The Labour Ward suite is designed for women who’ve got more
complex and high-risk pregnancies. On Ward 23, we welcome ladies, babies and the families for Antenatal and Postnatal care We’ve got dedicated bays for antenatal ladies, postnatal ladies and also post-operative care. The Labour Ward’s got five high-risk rooms that have got en-suite facilities and we provide care as a team of Obstetricians and Midwives for those women. It’s a warm, friendly atmosphere and we’re there to provide care and support, to help ladies to feel comfortable in caring for their newborn baby. We like to
ensure that ladies are happy and healthy and confident in all aspects of newborn care, prior to discharge home. The Neonatal webcam is a piece of
equipment that, basically, we use for ladies that can’t get to their babies in person. There is a webcam on the baby and the motion monitor is presented to the mum on the Labour Ward so it’s really nice for the
ladies because they can then obviously view the babies from their bed
and it just gives them that extra little bit of reassurance that baby is all okay, because they can visualise. We have two dedicated Maternity Theatres that are available for women who are either
having planned elective caesarean sections or for emergency caesarean section. There’s also a dedicated recovery area for these women. We’re supported by Anaesthetistics, Obstetricians, Midwives, Healthcare Assistants and Neonatal Nurses if necessary. Women undergoing caesarean sections can
be very apprehensive and fearful. We try to provide a really
calm and relaxing environment. We do offer women the chance to bring
in music if they want to listen to a particular kind of music when their baby
born. It’s important that we offer women who’ve had a caesarean section skin to skin
contact with her baby as soon as possible.

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