Cardiology and TAVR at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center

(mellow music) – Our cardiovascular
program is full service. We do everything from
non- invasive studies, all the way to our newest procedure, which is our TAVR procedure. TAVR is transcatheter
aortic valve replacement, and what it is, it’s a
a new way for patients who meet the criteria to
have an aortic valve placed the same way we would
do a stent procedure. And not with a full surgical procedure, so we don’t have to crack the chest. – The actual procedure involves access from the femoral
artery in the upper thigh. The traditional aortic valve
replacement surgery involves relatively long recovery time
and somewhat higher risk. Here the device itself,
instead of being mounted on a steel ring, is mounted on a stent. The stent is used to stick the
valve into the existing valve and expand it and anchor the valve with the help of the stent. The beauty of the procedure is,
we do it on a beating heart, which reduces risk associated
with stopping the heart and restarting it. From patient’s point of
view, it’s a seat change. The recovery period is
substantially reduced. Within a matter of few hours,
the patient is able to sit up by the bedside and
ambulate and walk that day. – Los Robles is one of the
only hospitals in the area that is nationally accredited by the Society for Cardiovascular Care, as a chest pain center with PCI. What that means is if someone comes to us in the midst of a heart
attack or cardiac arrest, we can intervene and save their lives. – Well not only that
our program exceptional, our staff is exceptional. Everyone that’s involved in
this program is highly trained, highly skilled and motivated
to the best outcomes. – We have a very well-experienced
and well-seasoned staff. They know well how to respond in any kind of crisis situation. They respond promptly,
they respond with care. Our patients are very well-cared
for here at Los Robles. – Our cardiovascular program
is really the best in the area, from our excellence in our
staff, in our physicians, you know, to our facility, it really is the best.

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